Sunday, October 17, 2004

Holy Cow its been a long time since I posted on this blog. Well its been for good reason. And that is simply that I have been working my rather large butt off. I have seven houses in the pipeline that have combined equity of around 100K. Yes thats right 100k. Gotta love it. So after I got back on track with the Depression, I am have been getting houses.

Of course I haven't worked out one day since then but we have gotten ourselves into a comfortable status. Dennis is down and training and beating the pavement trying to get a house for himself. Summer and him do a lot together. They knock and work together.

All the hurricanes are gone hopefully. Dad is getting surgery on his prostrate on Monday. And Jacob fell out of a shopping cart today and split open his eyebrow today at Ross Dress for Less. It was totally my fault. I had him standing in the cart cuz he was whining and he leaned too far forward and he fell out and flipped and cut his forehead on the cart. It freaked me out.

Another thing that is freaking me out is that I have gained all of my weight back and more. I am guessing like 360 or so. I am back in size 46 or 48 waist right now. I am starting to get motivated to work out again. I have to mentally process it for awhile before I can force myself to do it.

Summer got her security clearance approved from the State Department a couple of weeks ago. So now just mine is left. Interesting to see what is offered to us for that job.

Its 10:3o here on the east coast right now and the Yanks and Red Sox are only in the fourth after like two and half hours of play. So that should catch me up. Oh and my sister has the Shingles. Whatever those are. Laters.

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