Saturday, June 26, 2004

Haven't blogged in awhile. I have been reading more blogs then writing. But I have been busy. I found myself jealous of the "famous" bloggers. I wonder what they do to get noticed?

I got another house today. It is just a yes but I think I can get the deed if the wife is willing to cooperate. Dohnnie didn't get any proceeds from the closings so that means that there is no money until next week at the earliest. So that sucks. I worry about money. Big time. I wish I could worry about other superficial stuff. But right now I worry about where my kids are gonna eat. That sucks for a 25 yr old guy.

I need to start exercising again. Pretty crazy that I completed my first triathlon just a few weeks ago. Now I can barely run without getting out of breath.

Dad is moving out. Thank goodness. I really hate all the gossip that goes on in my family. It always gets back to me in one way or another. It really sucks.

Went to see Harry Potter tonight with Summy. She liked it and I thought it was okay. I would have preferred the Terminal but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway thats all for now. Laters.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Today was a busy day, I got a lot done with the Short Sales and only knocked on a few doors. But we got a good vacant in Cocoa and a lead on one in Orlando maybe tomorrow.

Dennis is doing pretty good. He is good with people but he struggles with the computer stuff. But I dont know if he realizes that he doesn't need to the computer stuff to succeed at this stuff.

They might move down here, but Dohnnie is not having any part of it. Summer wants me to talk to him to see if we can work something out but who knows whether that will work or not. He wants to do it for sure. But Dohnnie is not so sure.

Dohnnie got served with papers today from Lena. Surprising really, she wasn't as dumb as she lead us to believe. Or at least her mother isn't as dumb. Whatever. She's a wench.

Summer is getting ready for FBAH to open up and she is psyched.

Not working out yet but I am planning joining the gym here first chance I get. So that'll be nice. Hopefully some of these deals will go through and get some cash flowing. I am worried that Dohnnie is gonna lose all of his money to his wonderful soon to be ex-wife. We'll see.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

We didn't go to church today. Erin was supposed to come early for a pow wow to deal with Dad but she didnt get her until later in the morning. We went ahead and got most of everything straight about Dad. He is going to sign the power of attorney with all of us on it. And he is going to leave all the rest of the money from his life insurance to Megan to help her with school. Kind of surprising.

He is not really there. He kept saying that we all were from Fort Worth Texas when we're not. He even said that the computer in the living room was a TV that he couldn't get to work right.

I had a mini-panic attack tonight trying to deal with the kiddies and think about what is gonna happen with Dad. I am responsible for my children but not for Dad. But not really. Strange that I have to deal with all of this. Plus we have no money to speak of. We spent over a hundred bucks just on his prescriptions alone. Come Tuesday morning we willl be overdrawn again. And we are not spending a lot of money just babysitter and food. We are not even paying rent yet. So all of these worries really bother me. Plus I am getting fat again. I haven't worked out in weeks. Really starting to get on my nerves. I almost just wanna go sign up at Health-First just so I can go and work off some this stuff. Right now I am just eating it away...good example, I ate a whole bag of Oreo cookies tonight with milk.

Summer's Dad is coming tomorrow. That should be real fun. I mean he is way too stupid to do all this stuff. He doesn't get this stuff. You have to understand how to work computers and he doesn't get it. He'll just start talking about how he is from the Industrial Revolution and we are from the Technology Revolution. Like that is gonna get him anywhere. Anyway I'm ranting.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Well Dad had his heart catheter today. He had five grafts in 94 and now two of them are completely blocked and one is partly blocked. Two are clear. He is doing a lot better tonight. He is real emotional he says that he saw Mom a few times and she was herself not a willowy angel or anything.

Summer thinks it might be a sign that he is going to die soon. I don't know. One I do know is that if he only has two grafts open to his heart it is only a matter of time before he has a heart attack and dies along with the other stuff. Unbelieveable really. Both of my parents will probably die before I am thirty. I shouldn't be selfish and should think about what he is going through. His life is almost over. I can't imagine all the regrets and wishes he still might have as he stares death in the face. I think he understands what he is up against. He looks fearful in the face tonight. He has told Erin and Summer that he loves them already. He is concerned about the kiddies. If something happens now the kids might not remember their grandpa.

I haven't worked out since I got here. Only a couple of bike rides one that left me with a flat tire. I really am hoping that the title is clear on the Sebastian property so that we can refinance and we can get some cash out. That would be so nice. Not to have worry about money right now.

If Dad recovers he might not be able to do as much as before. And that wasn't much then. I wonder if he would be eligible for hospice care. That might be an option even though he does not a "terminal" illness. Who knows.

All I know is that I gotta make some changes. I am overweight and subject to emotional eating. I will end up like Dad and Mom and Dohnnie. So I need to fix things. I just don't know how to stop right now. I feel like I have no control. And I guess I don't really. Just over my own decisions. Whatever. I am done. Erin comes down tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Today has been a dandy. Dad got worse at the hospital. He is very disoriented and confused. He has only gotten worse it seems. I can hardly stand to see him like that. I am the only family member that is close to make decisions.

He had a heart attack it seems. And then his blood sugar went sky high. He is not a candidate for a quad bypass again so he needs a angiogram and maybe a stent. But the dye might cause his kidneys to prematurely fail which would mean dialysis. So that sucks. Dad needs prostrate surgery, dialysis, angiogram, and so on.

Then I get a call from Dohnnie and he is having chest pains. So now Dohnnie is in the Emergency room with chest pains and an abnormal ekg. So that really sucks. They are gonna do a stress test tomorrow on him. He is staying overnight at Sand Lake Hospital.

So all this is going on and I don't know what to do. I am so worried about everybody. Erin might be coming down tomorrow if Dad is not in better shape. I hope she does cuz I am just not up to all this right now.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Well another day another dollar right? Tomorrow I have to catch up with Dohnnie's short sales. I also need to follow up with my calls tha t I made today. Plus I need to record the Deed from Sebastian after we do a title search to protect our interests.

Plus everything else too. So much to do. Plus I need to knock on doors in Brevard. I have already wasted a day or two.

Dad is doing better today. He is talking and complaining. So that is a good thing.

Summer's Dad is coming and Dohnnie has no problem with a half and half deal with Dennis. So that might be nice.

Need to exercise tomorrow dangit!!! I hope everything goes okay so we can get some cash and sign up for a gym and do some things that we need to get done around here like getting cars fixed with the cigarette lighter and ac in the Honda. And Montessori for the kiddies.

We met with the Bishop and it went well. He recommends paying Tithing in installments so that way we don't fall behind. But hey who knows he's a good guy.

I can't help but feel confident about all this. Things are good.

Monday, June 07, 2004

I'm in the Money...I'm in the money...

Today I went to get the Deed for Emmons in Sebastian. I got it but I had to drive almost five hundred miles to get it. I had to go and pick up the notary public in Lake Wales and then go all the way back and forth all day. I was gone for nine hours. But its a good deal She owes around 35000 and its worth at least 75000 maybe 80.

Tomorrow I have a bunch of stuff to do my to do list is huge but i am feeling good. I have three deeds so far.

Dad is still not doing so hot. He is talking about his grandson, whoever that is and thinks he is in Missouri but at least he is talking now and somewhat coherent. Tomorrow I think I will exercise a little bit. Or at least try.

I might go and record the deed tomorrow in Indian River I need to call and find out how much doc stamps are in that county. As I write this I remember what I am supposed to do tomorrow.

Summer's father is coming on Thursday and he is staying until Wednesday. He wants to come and learn a little bit about the short sale process. We'll see how he does. Funny how I dont even know for sure what I am doing yet but I am supposed to teach him something? Interesting.