Saturday, June 26, 2004

Haven't blogged in awhile. I have been reading more blogs then writing. But I have been busy. I found myself jealous of the "famous" bloggers. I wonder what they do to get noticed?

I got another house today. It is just a yes but I think I can get the deed if the wife is willing to cooperate. Dohnnie didn't get any proceeds from the closings so that means that there is no money until next week at the earliest. So that sucks. I worry about money. Big time. I wish I could worry about other superficial stuff. But right now I worry about where my kids are gonna eat. That sucks for a 25 yr old guy.

I need to start exercising again. Pretty crazy that I completed my first triathlon just a few weeks ago. Now I can barely run without getting out of breath.

Dad is moving out. Thank goodness. I really hate all the gossip that goes on in my family. It always gets back to me in one way or another. It really sucks.

Went to see Harry Potter tonight with Summy. She liked it and I thought it was okay. I would have preferred the Terminal but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway thats all for now. Laters.