Sunday, June 13, 2004

We didn't go to church today. Erin was supposed to come early for a pow wow to deal with Dad but she didnt get her until later in the morning. We went ahead and got most of everything straight about Dad. He is going to sign the power of attorney with all of us on it. And he is going to leave all the rest of the money from his life insurance to Megan to help her with school. Kind of surprising.

He is not really there. He kept saying that we all were from Fort Worth Texas when we're not. He even said that the computer in the living room was a TV that he couldn't get to work right.

I had a mini-panic attack tonight trying to deal with the kiddies and think about what is gonna happen with Dad. I am responsible for my children but not for Dad. But not really. Strange that I have to deal with all of this. Plus we have no money to speak of. We spent over a hundred bucks just on his prescriptions alone. Come Tuesday morning we willl be overdrawn again. And we are not spending a lot of money just babysitter and food. We are not even paying rent yet. So all of these worries really bother me. Plus I am getting fat again. I haven't worked out in weeks. Really starting to get on my nerves. I almost just wanna go sign up at Health-First just so I can go and work off some this stuff. Right now I am just eating it away...good example, I ate a whole bag of Oreo cookies tonight with milk.

Summer's Dad is coming tomorrow. That should be real fun. I mean he is way too stupid to do all this stuff. He doesn't get this stuff. You have to understand how to work computers and he doesn't get it. He'll just start talking about how he is from the Industrial Revolution and we are from the Technology Revolution. Like that is gonna get him anywhere. Anyway I'm ranting.