Monday, June 07, 2004

I'm in the Money...I'm in the money...

Today I went to get the Deed for Emmons in Sebastian. I got it but I had to drive almost five hundred miles to get it. I had to go and pick up the notary public in Lake Wales and then go all the way back and forth all day. I was gone for nine hours. But its a good deal She owes around 35000 and its worth at least 75000 maybe 80.

Tomorrow I have a bunch of stuff to do my to do list is huge but i am feeling good. I have three deeds so far.

Dad is still not doing so hot. He is talking about his grandson, whoever that is and thinks he is in Missouri but at least he is talking now and somewhat coherent. Tomorrow I think I will exercise a little bit. Or at least try.

I might go and record the deed tomorrow in Indian River I need to call and find out how much doc stamps are in that county. As I write this I remember what I am supposed to do tomorrow.

Summer's father is coming on Thursday and he is staying until Wednesday. He wants to come and learn a little bit about the short sale process. We'll see how he does. Funny how I dont even know for sure what I am doing yet but I am supposed to teach him something? Interesting.