Sunday, May 30, 2004

Its been awhile since I called you...

Well its been about a week. And we have moved to Florida and are getting on our feet. I had to cancel an upcoming race due to work. I am self-employed now and I already have two houses or rather two yeses and I am waiting for the deeds. So I drive a lot now and I like what I do. I don't have a boss except Dohnnie but he doesn't really count. And I am in control of my destiny. But that that can be a problem since it makes you care about what you are doing so you have the highs and the lows. But I like it that way really.

I like the house we are in. I really would like to stay in it for awhile but you never know if we can get someone to buy with the lease agreement in place. I installed a network as well through our phone lines and it is nice to have shared printer and stuff.

I haven't worked out consistently since before we started moving so I have gained almost all of my weight back. But never fear tomorrow I getting started again back on a regimen of swim,bike,run twice a week. An hour each workout. That way the pounds will melt off again. And I thinks its important since I am sitting in a car so much these days. Way too much fast food.

I am excited about the two houses. One is in Ormond Beach a really nice house that can be discounted and one house that has tenants and is really run down. So we'll see. For one thing, I still don't have the deeds so until can't really say anything. But I am gonna try to stay optimistic and not get paranoid. But Summer and I feel good about the move...We need to get the kiddies in day care though. She starts FBAH in a week so she'll need that time until then. Later.