Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I don't know but I wonder why anyone would want to have more then one blog...I mean how much free time can a person have?

Well I swam a mile today. Man that felt good too, I have that tired feeling in my body that you can only get swimming Its not the exhausted feeling like running or the dizzy feeling like you get when you run. Its just different. But its feels good.

My next tri is a longer swim 550 yards so I have to prepare for it. Then I am also running more to help with last transition to run at this one. I wonder how the weather is going to effect me. We'll see.

Erin and Sasha might come down to Melbourne for Memorial Day. But hey whatever. We are so ready to move. We are already there in spirit. Summy's business with family books at home is going good, she had a conference call with the Field Development Manager and Sales VP.

Tomorrow I lift and run. Maybe bike if it gets done. I really want some new aero bars the ones I have are clunkers. But we can't really afford it. But whatever. Maybe things will work out.