Monday, May 10, 2004

Well Life Goes On

Yep we're moving. And I am done with College at least for now. I just have one more essay to write and then I am finally done. Seven years after I graduated from High School and I have finally done it. And I didn't even go on a mission to give me the excuse for the time.

Training is great. I have incorporated weights back into my schedule. I am doing a Base week next week. Around 8 hours scheduled for the whole week. An hour and half of that is weights. Lots of swimming. If I am gonna do 550 on the swim I gotta get more efficient.

We bought two laptops, One for Summer and One for me. She got hers for Mother's day. So we are giving Dad's puter to Hannah for college. She had a really bad car accident yesterday but she walked away with a big gash in her head. Summer was with her at the ER and said she could see the skull. Pretty trippy.

We are excited to move to Florida. We got pictures of the house and it looks so sweet. It would be nice if we could reinstate it or just live in it. That would be so cool. But we'll just have to see. I have ordered a cell phone for that area, and we have our laptops coming along with some software so we're psyched.

My next race is the first Orlando Summer Sprint at Belle Isle. Its a spring fed lake so I don't know if I will need a wetsuit or not. I certainly can't afford one. But come on, June 6 in Orlando Florida? Its gonna be a scorcher.

Dad's gonna fly from Nashville to Orlando...So that's nice. Wonder if we can leave his stuff too... Well we can dream can't we.

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