Tuesday, May 04, 2004


So I went up to Columbia for my goal for 2004. To compete in a triathlon. Well I borrowed a sleeping pill from Dad and off we all went to the Super 8. Summer and I got separate rooms cuz there was no way I was gonna get any sleep with the kiddies and a five in the morning wake up time. I took like three immodium just to be sure and my other pills.

Off to the course. Got my time chip and set my transition area up. Not much really. Since I was using toe clips didn't really need that much stuff. Attended the pre-race meeting with all kinds of threats of dqs if rules weren't followed. With it being a pool swim I thought I would be the slowest swimmer. But I wasn't there were a lot of swimmers slower then me. That made me feel good. In the swim everybody bunched up. So it took a little longer then the planned six minutes. But I was quick out of T1 And off on the bike I was. I felt good on the bike till the first big hill and it kicked my butt cuz I wasn't warm. But I recovered and made a good go of it. My chain fell off twice and I had to walk one super hill. But I did the 17.5 miles in 1:15 which with two chains incidents wasn't that bad. Then on T2 I drank a lot and swallowed more gel boy those gels are really cool they help so much. The run was not easy. I ran for two miles then I walked about a half of mile then I ran the rest. Summer got some good footage of me on the Camcorder while I was running. I looked like a real triathlete. And that is because I am a triathlete. I won the middle of the pack award cuz my time was the exact average of all the men in the pack. Pretty cool I won an free entry in next years race.

I still can't believe I did it and did so relatively easy. I am not really that sore today the day after. The only thing I can work on physically is my calves cuz they hurt on the run. So I will add calf raises. I am quite proud of myself. So now I am a triathlete.

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