Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's late and I am bored. Lets see if I can update you guys on the news goings on of my life. This month I have four houses all in Jacksonville.

My two houses in Volusia county are closing this week...(thank goodness!)

I am playing a lot of tennis, trying to lose all the weight that I have gained since we moved down to Florida.

I am the Sunday School teacher for 12/13 year olds in my Ward.

And that is about it.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Buenos Noches Muchachos!!!

I am finishing my Spanish Lesson right now. Visions of Osceola County dancing in my head. That place is all pretty much Hispanic. I need to be able to speak some Spanish to be able to get more deals. So I am excited about that.

Taught my first lesson today in Sunday School. Like four girls and one guy one Samoan guy. They were okay. They talked a lot. They are 12 and 13 year old girls so it doesn't surprise me that they talk so much. I taught about courage to and how faith gives us courage. I hope that they got somewhat of what I was teaching them. Anyway I went to the whole block of meetings for the first time in a long time.

We got our Temple Recommend interviews done. Now we just need our Stake President to approve them. As soon as that happens we will get Dennis' mother's work done. I'll be the proxy for his Dad probably since Dennis can't do that.

I think I am going to start knocking on doors again. I kind of feel rejuvenated a little bit. I am losing weight, learning a new language, got a calling in church, feels good. Kids actually did alright during the actual sacrament portion of sacrament. So that was nice. So that's all for Adios Senor!!!!
So I had my first Spanish Lesson today. I did my thirty minutes. Spanish is a whole heck of a lot easier then Russian, that is for sure. I learned about ten to fifteen phrases and words. They do a lot of repeating, everything is vocal nothing written down.

So Arlene went through without much going on down here at least. Summer's parents came down today and they had a good time. Summer and her mother sewed and Dennis and I played the X-Box. I bought Ghost Recon special for the day. It was fun. We all got into it.

Dennis also brought a couple of little bikes for the kids and we put training wheels on them so they'll be all set for when they want to ride bikes. The bikes are still a little big for them yet but they liked it. Poor Dennis he clearly has asthma but he won't take anything for besides Oregano? I don't know about that one.

I got my Manual for Sunday School. I teach about Joseph F. Smith one of the Church's prophets tomorrow. The old teacher gave me the manual he told me to bring treats.

There was a Foreclosure right down the street from where we live. Of course they say its all a big mistake. Yeah right. At least I would know what that house would go for.

I watched Collateral on HBO as I did my Spanish Lesson. Pretty good movie itself. Starting to feel better about the future. For some reason Dennis gives me confidence. Maybe it's cuz I know that I can do a whole lot better then he can at this. That's terrible I know but it's the truth I suppose.

I watched the Grass courts Stella Artois Tourney today on Tennis Channel. I love watching Grass court tennis. It's really fun playing that way too. A big serve and aggressiveness can win for you.

I am playing in a tournament in the middle of June in Orlando. Should be fun to unveil the new backhand then.

Anyway that is about it. I spose. Gotta go to bed.

Friday, June 10, 2005

We took the day off today. We slept in till 11 am and then went to see Mr and Mrs Smith. Tell you what poor Jennifer Aniston never had a chance with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She is super hot. Good movie very funny and full of metaphors with the premise of husband and wife trying to kill each other.

Later we went to work out. Did about an hours worth of running, lifting, stretching and good stuff. My back has been hurting me since I started hitting my new backhand. It is not used to these movements so I need to get the muscle in shape back there. I worked on that at the gym.

I also got my Spanish CDs and my new Blackberry 7250!!! Already activated it is the BOMB.

I got a new calling the in the ward. I am the Sunday School Teacher for the 12 and 13 year old kids. Tomorrow is Saturday and I don't have the manual or any info at all. I got to call the Sunday School President tomorrow for sure and see what's going on.

Nothing else really to report. Tropical Storm Arlene might be a hurricane by the time it reaches the Panhandle. Dohnnie is in Sanibel and they should be getting hammered I imagine. Thats it, laters.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Tropical Storm Arlene

So there is another storm headed in our general way. Dohnnie is down at Sanibel right now with his ex-wife and kiddies. It's gonna pass our way this weekend but should only be some wind and rain not Hurricane force weather.

So here we go again. Last year we ran for the hills once and then we stayed put for the rest. No real damage but it was pretty stressful.

Summer found a bunch of pictures that were taken right after we were married. It was hilarious to see how skinny we were! There was even a quite provacative pic that I took of Summer. I am suprised the photo center even developed the picture. It was neat though. Gives me some motivation to continue to lose weight.

I might have a deal tonight. I talked with the couple tonight and will know by Saturday. So we'll see.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So I added the Google Adsense thingies last night. I guess it looks alright. Really I'm just glad that I got it to work!

I signed a contract on the house today. Big One. Over 100K in equity. Too bad a child support/alimony judgment is tacked on to the house for 50K. Thats the risk you take in this business. Oh well.

I played tennis with Dohnnie this morning for over an hour. My backhand is really getting better. I am starting to hit it more up with more topspin which is neat. I have always wanted a one hander and now I am getting close.

I was really doing well with my Atkins until I got hungry this afternoon and pigged out on some cookies that were hiding in the cabinet.

We went to see Longest Yard tonight. Pretty funny. Not nearly as good as the first but hard to compare an Adam Sandler movie to a classic film. Burt Reynolds must need the money to be in this thing. Summer enjoyed and I chuckled too at times. Not a complete waste.

We are getting some response from our mailings. We got an eviction call today a six unit Condo in Miami. Over 1500K cash flow. 3o0K mortgage. We'll see what she wants. Hispanic couple. Did I mention I am going to teach myself Spanish?

I used my new racket this morning and it rocks!!! Serena eat your heart out cuz the Hyper Hammer 6.3 was made for me!!! I also ordered the newer Verizon Blackberry 7250 today as a Father's Day present which is awesome. I need it cuz the Remanufactured 7750 that I got from RIM is on the fritz... it only works when it wants to. Friday it shall be mine.

Tomorrow I make my offer with a Family in Palm Bay. First one in a while. Lot of competition. But I feel that I have made a rapport with this guy. So we'll see. I'm out.
So we're trying to get this deal done. The previous owner is in Puerto Rico. We are trying to work out a discount for her so we can get the house at a discount and then sell it wholesale and make a bunch. It has two mortgages, one for 205K and one for 45K. It is in Foreclosure. So we just about have the deal done. The first mortgage is ready to take 167K for the first. But the second is complaining because the first mortgage wants something in writing from the second that they will release the lien which means that the second will get nothing. Sound confusing? Well it is, that is my business. The funny thing is that I see this everyday. Plus they all want to talk to the previous owner who is in Puerto Rico in Goodness knows where. Hopefully tomorrow we'll know more. The sale date is the end of this month. So we have to move quickly.

Erin left today. We had a good visit. Summer finished her quilt in like TWO days a herculean effort to say the least.

I am trying to learn a onehanded backhand in tennis finally. Dohnnie is helping me with it. I have been hitting with him a lot lately. It's funny he hasn't seen our house yet. We've been over to his house a number of times and he hasn't been to ours yet. Whatever.

I am playing a tournament in the middle of this month in Orlando so that should be exciting.

So anyways I heard on XM Radio today that there are over 10 million blogs on the internet. That is a wild number. That is like the number of people in Moscow, Russia for goodness' sake.

I'm outtie.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

You know this is two days now that I have written in my blog. Good thing Blogger doesn't make you keep logging in over a period of time like hotmail does or I would have lost this account. The internet really is amazing these days. So many people use these for ranting and raving. Also most use this for income amazingly enough. Just click on "next blog" to see the all the ads out there.

We went to Universal Orlando today. It was really fun. But of course I have to mention that we went during "Gay Days" in Orlando, which is a crazy get together for the "alternative lifestylers" out there. It was hilarious. They all wore red in the park so you could see all of them loud and clear. Pretty big statement. Thank goodness Sam and Jacob aren't old enough to figure out that two men holding hands is not "normal" whatever that is. Anyway, I digress....

We went on the "Hulk", Poseidon's Fury (dumb show), Dueling Dragons and Spiderman. Also Cat in the Hat for the kids. It rained a lot early on so we were drenched. But the rain ceased after awhile and all was well. The kids had fun...we got them "thing 1 and thing 2" shirts and hats which is so appropriate if you knew my two little boys.

Yesterday, I bench pressed 225 8 times. I haven't gotten that much weight up in 5 years!!! At my prime at Snow college I did 225 13 times. Not bad seeing I have only been lifting again since February. The Core Performance program is really helping, when you are stretched you just feel better.

I am going to start to learn Spanish soon. I sent away for a language course with Audio CDs. It would really help me with my business especially in Osceola county. Just in general in Florida, there are so many Spanish Speakers. Lotta of Puerto ricans.

I went on two crazy rollercoasters today and I am proud of myself. Usually I would talk myself out of it and regret it but I seized the moment and enjoyed myself. That really is a good thing.

Yesterday Erin asked me who I was. You know I didn't have an answer for her. In a previous conversation I couldn't come up with an answer either. I don't really know. I know what I do and I know what I like or dislike, but not who I am. Something to work on there. It's late I'm out.