Wednesday, July 28, 2004

So for the first time in like years, I got to sleep in till ten o'clock. Yeah ten o'clock. Before I had kids I never got up earlier then ten. But now when kids wake up at seven all bright eyed and bushy tailed, you gotta wonder if you'll ever get any sleep. But today it all came together and man it felt good. Up until the phone call that woke me up.

I answered my cell phone and it was a guy on line asking for me. He sounded upset. Turns out he was all pissed off about me calling one of his relatives to pitch the short sale deal to him. I guess I said the word "foreclosure" in the message to the relative and it started a whole sh=t storm. He called me and was threatening to sue me and the company I use for skip tracing and all that stuff. But whatever. He has no grounds. The foreclosure is public record he can't do a thing. He just wanted to vent about his mortgage company not sending him a bill. So I called him back and told him all that and I promised not to call him if he wouldn't call me. So that was that. I got kind of worked up about it though. I was shaking after the the initial call. I guess cuz of the confrontation. I was kicking myself all day for what I should have said. I totally could have been more aggressive. But whatever.

I worked out today. I am back on track. I am trying to lift and get stronger as I have gained so much more weight in the recent months. So I am trying to change my diet and ease into the calorie burn.

I am back knocking on doors again. I have committed to knocking or calling on every foreclosure that comes through my territory. That should be well over 100 contacts. If I do that I should get five or so for August. Dohnnie already has like twelve. I don't know how he does it. Unbelievable.

So for more updates, Summer got called to be the Second Counselor in the Primary Presidency of our ward. I congratulated her on the achieving the promotion to Mormon middle management. Hey gotta love it.

I am going to a workshop at the end of August. The first one since 1999. Its been awhile.

I had a good IM conversation with Erin tonight. We were talking about how much we miss Mom. Sasha was out in Provo putting flowers on the gravesite because he had a training in SLC. Made me miss her even more.

Monday, July 19, 2004

You know its funny, I just read at about her new found obsession of Blow Out on Bravo. I have to admit that I too share the obsession. As Summer and I were packing the house up we found ourselves drawn to the marathon. Would Jonathan fail at his business? Even though he's driving a MERCEDES?!?! But you can't blame the beautiful people for being part of the drama of doing hair. One of the more stressful jobs in the world (wink, wink).
Anyways, we got everything packed for our relocation. We pick up the truck and move down the block on the morrow so we are excited. Tomorrow I am going to start back on my work out plan and quest for a better lifestyle. NOT a diet, just a life change. I have been chewing on it mentally for a few months now but I think it is time. So without much ado I bid you adieu. Laters.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Ahhh, things are different now. This is the first post since the changes on the "dashboard". I suppose I'll see how it works now. So I don't know what to write. Summer is up in Jacksonville for her convention which might be a huge failure. She has sold exactly two books. Tomorrow is supposed to be a big day but I'm skeptical. You know starting your own business is such a tough task to handle. Especially with two little ones and a "darling" husband. So as you can probably expect the place is a mess right now...Cups everywhere, toys, pizza boxes, and all the like.
I lost a house today. Only one good property will be bought and sold from May. But that deal may be 40 large. So that is nice. Dohnnie said he'd give me a bonus if it went through.
I am thinking about starting to train again. I mean for real this time. I have gained so much weight from all the stress that I really believe I am a better person when I exercise 10 to 15 hours a week. But after that rationale I tend to wanna buy a really nice tri-bike on ebay and finance it!!! When that happpens I just think of Summer's voice and it all goes away.
Tomorrow I have a realtor walk-through for a house that I picked up a few weeks ago that was a mail away. These banks are getting greedy, they want money to bring the account current before they will allow you to try for a discount.  So whatever. Its fine if you have the cash. But some of us don't have that necessity.
Some more good news is that Summer's mother Suzanne is gonna take over the processing for me so I can just pursue houses, full time.
But thats enough for now laters.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I'm disgusted with myself. Yeah I just discovererd that I have gained all my weight back. Back when I decided to start losing weight again, Summer's grandma told me rudely, "you'll just gain it back". So here I am a year later, and I have gained it all back, and more. Right now I weigh 319 pounds. At one point before Christmas, I weighed 265. Thats fifty pounds in 6 months. Thats oh what like 8 pounds a month!!!Unbelievable. And its very simple why I gained it all back. Sedentary lifestyle and fast food. See Summer is not cooking as much anymore, we're stressed with our new life, we don't have very much money, and so we eat out...Chinese, pizza, and Mexican being our guilty pleasures. You see I am in the car a lot and worrying about money and getting more deeds and stuff. And don't you know I see MickeyDs pass by...hmmm I think I'll stop there and get myself a Double Quarter Pounder. You know I don't even enjoy it. Its tastes terrible to me. I don't seem to have any hope. You know I kid because I care but there is a sense of urgency here because I am a ticking time bomb for Heart Disease and high Cholesterol. Not good. My Mom died prematurely of Heart Disease and Dad has had two or three heart attacks. So there you go. I know what I have to do. I have already two times. Lose fifty to thirty pounds pronto. How do I do that?

1. Exercise my but off 10 to 15 hours a week.
2. Stop eating out, only eat in the house, NO FAST FOOD.
3. Cut down on fried and processed foods.

And so it goes. Last year this time, Erin was staying with us cuz we just got home with Jacob. And then I decided to dedicate myself to lose weight and run my first triathlon. Well I did that and now I am back to where I started. I remember I went out to run with Summer and I couldn't even run a mile without stopping. And now I think I am back to that point. But I did do an eighteen mile bike ride last week that wasn't too bad. But I am in the flat terrain of the Florida Peninsula. But anyway I am going to try and get back on track. Its a spiritual thing not just a physical or emotional thing. I am letting myself go because I cannot deal with the stress. And that sucks. So there you go. The veracity of that sentence really just hit me.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Well we're moving again. We don't have very much money right now and we have to move because Dohnnie is selling the house. He is pissed because the payoffs came back way high. Now we know why they couldn't sell the house before. So there you go. Now we are moving into a two bed two bath that we haven't been in since before we had Jacob. But now that the kiddies are used to sleeping the same room we will stay with the current setup. Its gonna suck changing our addresses on everything again. Such a pain.

But we did get some good news. Got two approval letters for short payoffs today. One deal is gonna make Dohnnie like somewhere around 44k. That is awesome. We'll make around seven grand off of it. That closes at the end of the month. So we got that going for us which is nice.

Anyway I am out of things to post about so laters.

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

yep my life is nc-17 baby. But its "legal" cuz I be married. Awww yeah...

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Better day today definitely. For the first time since I moved down here I actually got done everything I needed to get done in one day. Which is pretty sweet. It really feels great to see that whole to do list marked out. Funny how a little thing like that can give such a sense of accomplishment but it does.

Brevard county has blown up the last couple of days with all the LPS. I have fifteen doors to knock on tomorrow and a full day of short sales. And that is only one county! I have like seven other counties to get to. Nuts. I finally got my picture on my profile the way I want it thanks to jenna at her blog. Props to her. Thanks Jenna!!! Another sense of accomplishment. Gotta love it.

I can't help but be positive today. We are broke but we have promise and hope which is a good thing to have along with faith. Not to get sappy but we are following our dreams and there is something to be said for that. Some people don't have the cajones to do that. But we have to keep our end of bargain. And that was to be righteous and worthy. And that for us means paying tithing. We could have paid our tithing but we didn't and now we are broke. Coincendence? I think not. Anyway I feel sleep coming on.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

this is the real better one. Posted by Hello

this is little bit better one Posted by Hello
You know I wonder whats going on with me sometimes. I have felt very angry and depressed today. Is that possible? Probably. I heard somewhere (on TV) that depression is just anger turned inside. Well thats me. I feel like my life right now is spinning out of control and I can't do a thing about it. Really that last statement is B.S. I am in complete control of my life and my actions but only those alone. So that means that I don't have an excuse right? You betcha.

I went on an 18 mile bike ride this morning. I rode to the Health Club and worked out then rode back. Yep pretty good. I felt wiped out all day. Took me a while to recover. I burned almost 1700 calories. Then I worked all day like from 10 till 8 tonight. Summy and I had an argument it sucked. You know we are both trying to start our businesses and we are both pretty stressed out and the kiddies are really having a hard time cuz they don't know whats going on and so on and so on. Its a vicious cycle really. So I have to bite my tongue and go apoligize and hope that she will apoligize too but there's not a darn thing I can do about it. Marriage can be the most wonderful and agonizing thing at the same time. Its all worth it of course its just these moments when you really want to just get a break. But thats for another discussion I spose.

Tomorrow is another day and I really can't wait to start over a whole new day to get this one over with.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I wish I had something cool to write. But I don't really. I had kind of a bad day today I guess. Dohnnie came over since he was taking Dad to the doc. He was all giddy and happy. He even gave me a hug. After that I really put myself in a bad mood. I went to work out with Summer and the kiddies later. The one thing I did do which was cool was I changed my own tire on my bike. No more charges at bike shops to change tubes when I can now do it myself. Amazing how simple it is but its a big step.

Sam won't go to bed. He is rebelling and is now taking his clothes off to get in his diaper only. He is taking the potty training thing at his own pace. Which is fine I spose cuz we are so busy with our businesses.

Today I felt like I really bad person cuz I don't spend more quality time with my kiddies and Summy. I just felt down today. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I have gained so much weight since I left Missouri it really is a shocker. I am back up around the weight I was when I working at Wal-Mart in Rolla right after we got married. Not a good time then. But we have committed to working out together and hopefully it all will come off by the fall. We shall see.

Anyway I'm tired so callin' it a night.

and my lovely wife....she'll kill me if she finds out I posted her picture on the net.. Posted by Hello

this is me looking rather haggard but hey waht can you do? Not much really.  Posted by Hello
You know I have found a whole lotta of cool things in the blogging world. I have found other Mormons who blog just like I do. Actually pretty cool. Its been fun to read their comments on the world and stuff.

Well Dohnnie and I had a pow wow and we have decided that we need to have Summer help me with Short Sales after all. So that means that after she gets done with this Rehab on Northern Oak that she will become my gopher or Dohnnie's gopher for the short sales. Which is a really good thing because I can't do all this by myself and still get ten deeds a month. Just not possible.

So Dad declared that he wants "his" computer so I spent all the last three hours unplugging my computer from the front room and hooking the network back up in our master bed. I can't get the Lexmark printer to install. Its an old one that didn't have a XP printer driver for it. Thats what I get for spending fifty bucks at Wal-Mart for it. Its the only color we have so we got that going for us...which is nice. (think Caddyshack)

Tomorrow I start anew with an enlarged enthusiasism for this business. I am gonna hit all these counties on the east coast tomorrow. Oh yeah baby I am pumped!!! Right. Anyway I'm outtie.

Friday, July 02, 2004

We went to see the Terminal tonight and we saw Spiderman 2 last night. They're both pretty good but Spidey is better. Its nice to see movies again. We got paid too. My first big paycheck from HB Funding Inc. Very nice to be sure. Anyway laters.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

You know I really feel overwhelmed right about now. I am so busy trying to process all these deals that I am really just overdoing it. And I am not getting what I need done done. Does that make sense? I don't know but I do know that I need to change something.

I get the feeling that Dohnnie doesn't have that much to do but I have too much to do. And now I dont know whats going on with all this stuff.

I am really frustrated. Dohnnie's deals were all supposed to close around a week ago and he is still waiting for the first one to fund. Really frustrating. I am worried that he is not gonna cash me out of my part of Santiago. So that sucks too.

He needs to hire an Assistant or something because I cannot do all this myself. It is just too much. I feel so disorganized and out of control. Plus I feel myself slipping away physically like I did at Wal-Mart. Dad's stuff doesn't help. We're moving him Friday. Or rather I am moving him Friday.

Anyway laters.