Wednesday, July 28, 2004

So for the first time in like years, I got to sleep in till ten o'clock. Yeah ten o'clock. Before I had kids I never got up earlier then ten. But now when kids wake up at seven all bright eyed and bushy tailed, you gotta wonder if you'll ever get any sleep. But today it all came together and man it felt good. Up until the phone call that woke me up.

I answered my cell phone and it was a guy on line asking for me. He sounded upset. Turns out he was all pissed off about me calling one of his relatives to pitch the short sale deal to him. I guess I said the word "foreclosure" in the message to the relative and it started a whole sh=t storm. He called me and was threatening to sue me and the company I use for skip tracing and all that stuff. But whatever. He has no grounds. The foreclosure is public record he can't do a thing. He just wanted to vent about his mortgage company not sending him a bill. So I called him back and told him all that and I promised not to call him if he wouldn't call me. So that was that. I got kind of worked up about it though. I was shaking after the the initial call. I guess cuz of the confrontation. I was kicking myself all day for what I should have said. I totally could have been more aggressive. But whatever.

I worked out today. I am back on track. I am trying to lift and get stronger as I have gained so much more weight in the recent months. So I am trying to change my diet and ease into the calorie burn.

I am back knocking on doors again. I have committed to knocking or calling on every foreclosure that comes through my territory. That should be well over 100 contacts. If I do that I should get five or so for August. Dohnnie already has like twelve. I don't know how he does it. Unbelievable.

So for more updates, Summer got called to be the Second Counselor in the Primary Presidency of our ward. I congratulated her on the achieving the promotion to Mormon middle management. Hey gotta love it.

I am going to a workshop at the end of August. The first one since 1999. Its been awhile.

I had a good IM conversation with Erin tonight. We were talking about how much we miss Mom. Sasha was out in Provo putting flowers on the gravesite because he had a training in SLC. Made me miss her even more.

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