Thursday, July 01, 2004

You know I really feel overwhelmed right about now. I am so busy trying to process all these deals that I am really just overdoing it. And I am not getting what I need done done. Does that make sense? I don't know but I do know that I need to change something.

I get the feeling that Dohnnie doesn't have that much to do but I have too much to do. And now I dont know whats going on with all this stuff.

I am really frustrated. Dohnnie's deals were all supposed to close around a week ago and he is still waiting for the first one to fund. Really frustrating. I am worried that he is not gonna cash me out of my part of Santiago. So that sucks too.

He needs to hire an Assistant or something because I cannot do all this myself. It is just too much. I feel so disorganized and out of control. Plus I feel myself slipping away physically like I did at Wal-Mart. Dad's stuff doesn't help. We're moving him Friday. Or rather I am moving him Friday.

Anyway laters.

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Cantwell Carson said...

Hi. Just to answer your question, I'm not in the matrix. It's just a joke. If anything the references were to Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. Good luck with the Biz. Married, kids, real estate... being too busy isn't necessarily bad. It means you have an active life. Think of what life would be like without that stuff. And good luck with the move. It sucks.