Sunday, May 30, 2004

Its been awhile since I called you...

Well its been about a week. And we have moved to Florida and are getting on our feet. I had to cancel an upcoming race due to work. I am self-employed now and I already have two houses or rather two yeses and I am waiting for the deeds. So I drive a lot now and I like what I do. I don't have a boss except Dohnnie but he doesn't really count. And I am in control of my destiny. But that that can be a problem since it makes you care about what you are doing so you have the highs and the lows. But I like it that way really.

I like the house we are in. I really would like to stay in it for awhile but you never know if we can get someone to buy with the lease agreement in place. I installed a network as well through our phone lines and it is nice to have shared printer and stuff.

I haven't worked out consistently since before we started moving so I have gained almost all of my weight back. But never fear tomorrow I getting started again back on a regimen of swim,bike,run twice a week. An hour each workout. That way the pounds will melt off again. And I thinks its important since I am sitting in a car so much these days. Way too much fast food.

I am excited about the two houses. One is in Ormond Beach a really nice house that can be discounted and one house that has tenants and is really run down. So we'll see. For one thing, I still don't have the deeds so until can't really say anything. But I am gonna try to stay optimistic and not get paranoid. But Summer and I feel good about the move...We need to get the kiddies in day care though. She starts FBAH in a week so she'll need that time until then. Later.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Alright the move is complete. And it only took a couple of days to get it done. Summer and I drove straight through to Melbourne tonight. We both took NoDoz to keep us awake. Of course she is asleep now and I am still wide awake at four in the morning. But its all good because I got to play with my cool laptop that was waiting for me here. The house rocks. I just hope that we can keep it. Summer is in absolute love with it. It is so big. I mean it is huge. We don't have nearly enough stuff to fill it with. There are no curtains or anything. In fact earlier tonight, some random dude walked by outside like he was exercising or something. Weird. Kind of freaked us out. Sammy was up too for a while (I gave him too much Diet Coke in the truck). But whatever. We are actually here. We have a lot to do tomorrow. We have to unload the truck, go buy a refrigerator at Lowe's, I have to install the DSL service on all the computers, And call the Water people to make sure its turned on. The water is kind of on but we cant tell for sure. I really feel positive about this move. It seems we are moving on with our lives which is great. I think Dad will like this house it is just so big. How many times can I say that? Probably a few more. Anyway enough rambling. Later.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Are we moving yet?

I hate to beat a dead horse here but I am so ready to move. I did an internet search on my awaited cell phone and I cannot get it until we move. So that is gonna be some wrangling. Whatever.

I just saw probably the best basketball game of the year. Lakers Spurs Game 5. Duncan hits fade away with .4 seconds left. The Spurs go crazy, the crowd goes crazy, even Doc Rivers the announcer proclaims that the Spurs are now 3-2. Then the Laker advance the ball with a full timeout. Then after a strategic timeout. They look for Kobe and end up passing it Derek Fisher who hit a flying the wrong way jumpshot to win it. Unbelievable. What a circus shot!!! I screamed so loud I woke my kids up. Wow. I found it hard to root for the Lakers but I have to due to Karl Malone. He deserves a championship even though he choked against the Bulls...Twice.

Well I got my new cell phone number which is good. I also did some research into workout gyms in Florida. And man since when can they charge an enrollment fee? Unbelievable. Its gonna cost twice as much to workout there. And I have to workout. What can I do? We'll see what Dad says.

Summer has her last final tomorrow then we are done. And we pick up the truck on Sunday and head out for sunny Florida. YES.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I don't know but I wonder why anyone would want to have more then one blog...I mean how much free time can a person have?

Well I swam a mile today. Man that felt good too, I have that tired feeling in my body that you can only get swimming Its not the exhausted feeling like running or the dizzy feeling like you get when you run. Its just different. But its feels good.

My next tri is a longer swim 550 yards so I have to prepare for it. Then I am also running more to help with last transition to run at this one. I wonder how the weather is going to effect me. We'll see.

Erin and Sasha might come down to Melbourne for Memorial Day. But hey whatever. We are so ready to move. We are already there in spirit. Summy's business with family books at home is going good, she had a conference call with the Field Development Manager and Sales VP.

Tomorrow I lift and run. Maybe bike if it gets done. I really want some new aero bars the ones I have are clunkers. But we can't really afford it. But whatever. Maybe things will work out.
Am I going to sleep yet?

Man I got so mad today when I heard about that poor civilian getting beheaded in Iraq. I was running and I felt like I could run all day with all that emotion. I got a good workout in though. An hour running, then weights. And I swam with Summer and the kiddies. They had fun. And I had fun too.

It is really late like twenty-five minutes after midnight and I can't get to sleep cuz I got the munchies and went to Hardees for a thickburger. Now I am waking Summer up so I'll get out of here. I am itching to move and get out of here.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Today was my first day of no school. Yep thats right no more college for me at least not for a while. I made a bunch of phone calls and did some research for Dohnnie. And I didn't do a bit of schoolwork. We paid some bills and continue to prepare for the move. So we're are pumped.

I went for ride this afternoon and my bike spoke broke. I had to call Summer to come pick me up. We got to try out the bike rack though and it worked like a charm. I took right to Route 66 Bike Shop and Dan-o there is gonna order a new wheel. So that'll be nice cuz thats two spokes now and counting. Good thing its under warranty.

Not much else going on today. Its all good. So anyway. Later.
Well Life Goes On

Yep we're moving. And I am done with College at least for now. I just have one more essay to write and then I am finally done. Seven years after I graduated from High School and I have finally done it. And I didn't even go on a mission to give me the excuse for the time.

Training is great. I have incorporated weights back into my schedule. I am doing a Base week next week. Around 8 hours scheduled for the whole week. An hour and half of that is weights. Lots of swimming. If I am gonna do 550 on the swim I gotta get more efficient.

We bought two laptops, One for Summer and One for me. She got hers for Mother's day. So we are giving Dad's puter to Hannah for college. She had a really bad car accident yesterday but she walked away with a big gash in her head. Summer was with her at the ER and said she could see the skull. Pretty trippy.

We are excited to move to Florida. We got pictures of the house and it looks so sweet. It would be nice if we could reinstate it or just live in it. That would be so cool. But we'll just have to see. I have ordered a cell phone for that area, and we have our laptops coming along with some software so we're psyched.

My next race is the first Orlando Summer Sprint at Belle Isle. Its a spring fed lake so I don't know if I will need a wetsuit or not. I certainly can't afford one. But come on, June 6 in Orlando Florida? Its gonna be a scorcher.

Dad's gonna fly from Nashville to Orlando...So that's nice. Wonder if we can leave his stuff too... Well we can dream can't we.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004


So I went up to Columbia for my goal for 2004. To compete in a triathlon. Well I borrowed a sleeping pill from Dad and off we all went to the Super 8. Summer and I got separate rooms cuz there was no way I was gonna get any sleep with the kiddies and a five in the morning wake up time. I took like three immodium just to be sure and my other pills.

Off to the course. Got my time chip and set my transition area up. Not much really. Since I was using toe clips didn't really need that much stuff. Attended the pre-race meeting with all kinds of threats of dqs if rules weren't followed. With it being a pool swim I thought I would be the slowest swimmer. But I wasn't there were a lot of swimmers slower then me. That made me feel good. In the swim everybody bunched up. So it took a little longer then the planned six minutes. But I was quick out of T1 And off on the bike I was. I felt good on the bike till the first big hill and it kicked my butt cuz I wasn't warm. But I recovered and made a good go of it. My chain fell off twice and I had to walk one super hill. But I did the 17.5 miles in 1:15 which with two chains incidents wasn't that bad. Then on T2 I drank a lot and swallowed more gel boy those gels are really cool they help so much. The run was not easy. I ran for two miles then I walked about a half of mile then I ran the rest. Summer got some good footage of me on the Camcorder while I was running. I looked like a real triathlete. And that is because I am a triathlete. I won the middle of the pack award cuz my time was the exact average of all the men in the pack. Pretty cool I won an free entry in next years race.

I still can't believe I did it and did so relatively easy. I am not really that sore today the day after. The only thing I can work on physically is my calves cuz they hurt on the run. So I will add calf raises. I am quite proud of myself. So now I am a triathlete.