Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Alright the move is complete. And it only took a couple of days to get it done. Summer and I drove straight through to Melbourne tonight. We both took NoDoz to keep us awake. Of course she is asleep now and I am still wide awake at four in the morning. But its all good because I got to play with my cool laptop that was waiting for me here. The house rocks. I just hope that we can keep it. Summer is in absolute love with it. It is so big. I mean it is huge. We don't have nearly enough stuff to fill it with. There are no curtains or anything. In fact earlier tonight, some random dude walked by outside like he was exercising or something. Weird. Kind of freaked us out. Sammy was up too for a while (I gave him too much Diet Coke in the truck). But whatever. We are actually here. We have a lot to do tomorrow. We have to unload the truck, go buy a refrigerator at Lowe's, I have to install the DSL service on all the computers, And call the Water people to make sure its turned on. The water is kind of on but we cant tell for sure. I really feel positive about this move. It seems we are moving on with our lives which is great. I think Dad will like this house it is just so big. How many times can I say that? Probably a few more. Anyway enough rambling. Later.