Tuesday, April 27, 2004

You know it just occurred to me that I am running a race in less then a week. Boy that is pretty exciting. I am still troubled over whether I should buy some speedplay pedals and shoes. I am really weak about buying stuff. Its a really bad habit of mine. I guess that comes from not having much as a kid. Who knows.

Today I actually worked for Dohnnie all afternoon except for the hour over at Dad's watching the Sopranos. Man that is a good show. We had another talk about what he is concerned about with moving. He said once that he even thought we were abandoning him. Unbelievable. We want him to live with us. Whatever.

We find out if we can move into that three bedroom two bath house in Melbourne tomorrow. Dohnnie has an appointment with the homeowners at 4:00 pm if he gets the deed then we will live in there till the house is sold. So that could all Summer.

Summer is packing like a crazy women. She is a whirlwind when she gets her mind on something. I still have to do the counties tonight. So I'll be up late. My kids are so cute. Sam is parroting everything we say. He is just learning and learning. I really hope we can make enough money to get him in Montessori down there in Florida. It would be so good for him.

Well I better stop procrastinating and get to work. Tomorrow I have my brief swim to prep for the race.

Sunday, April 25, 2004


We talked with Dad today about the move to Florida. He is very skeptical. We don't for sure have a three bedroom two bath in Brevard county yet so he's concerned about where we are going to stay. Dad has to stay with us. He is just in too bad of shape. But he wants his privacy and doesn't want to live with us in the two bed two bath we have right now. So whatever. Dad basically is worried that the whole thing is a sham. He is scared about the change I think. Especially since he is going blind in one eye. It is supposedly getting better but he had to have surgery last time.

We went to Church today and had fun with the rugrat. Summer is so good. She kept feeding them crackers and oranges. Then they played with Play-doh (homemade kind) and colored a picture. They were very entertained. Plus I had the pleasure of taking three sunbeams to the bathroom at one time. Boy they can sure pee when they want to.

We are so excited about the move. I might even decide not to walk for graduation and get down to Florida right away. I have a lot to do tomorrow. I have to submit at least four deals. So I am going to be busy.

On the Triathlon tip, I ran 2.7 miles and walked 3.3 more with Summer. So six miles in one day isn't bad. Burned around 1000 cals. I am going back on Atkins tomorrow. I am going to do induction until Friday night then Carb load and eat normally on Saturday. Then Sunday is race day. I am worried that Dohnnie wont pay us before the race on Sunday. If I don't get paid then I don't think I can do the race. We'll have to scrounge for the opportunity to get up there. Plus I gotta get my bike fixed. All this could bode bad for the race.

Oh but I almost forgot. Turns out that the really nice house in Melbourne has a second mortgage so its a good prospect for reinstatement so that we could live in it. Its real close to a park and the Community College...And the BEACH!!! But Dohnnie does not have the deed yet so its still in play.
You know really its really interesting the way people approach blogs. I guess they represent the individuality of all of us as the human race. It's amazing that people can do that now. People used to write journals in notebooks... Welcome to the 21st Century.

I rode 14 miles today. I did an out and back to Doolittle a town west of us here in Rolla MO. I got honked at by a mullet with his girlfriend sitting Cowboy style in his Ford Ranger. I was totally at the side of the road and he had nothing better to do then honk at me and scare the you-know-what outta me. Whatever.

But I tried some gel for fuel and it went down fine if you like a honey like paste oozing down your throat. But I washed it down with water and all was well.

You know I am thinking about not even walking for graduation. I want to get out of here as soon as possible. I could care less about the cap and gown and all that crap. Who cares. Not like UMR meant that much to me anyway. Just a degree. I had good times here I spose, my first two kids were born here and my marriage became a loving one here so there is there is some sentimentality in that. but I will be glad when we are gone.

We cleaned Dad's place for him today. It was nasty. I did his dishes and Summer did the rest. She is amazing at that amount she can accomplish if she puts her mind to it.

We did some Shopping and Summer got an overdraft fee taken off our bank statement with her charm. Last time I did that I had to threaten to stop my account with them. Whatever.

We had dinner over at Tom's and Rebecca's. They are nice people. They seem to be softening up a little bit after three years of sporadic dinners with them. Summer discovered an old school Super Nintendo and played Zelda for like thirty minutes straight. Man I forgot how boring those games can get. I remember why they used to annoy me. Once Super Mario Bros became passe` I was done with video games.

Not much else going on Rebecca is interested in doing Family Books At Home which is great. We'll see how that works out. I'm out.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Its Supposed to rain on race day!!!

Yeah I just checked the forecast and its supposed to rain tomorrow and rain on the Second which is my race day. I guess I understand why they canceled the bike portion of the race last year due to torrential rain. Man if I dont get to do my triathlon I will be pissed off. Whatever.

Well I got my mighty Jackson Hewitt bonus and it was 118 bucks. Yeah that's right 118 bucks. Whatever. I hate that place. What a joke. I am glad I am done with them. Man are we moving yet?

I took Dad to St. Louis for his doc appointment today. It went pretty well. I also went by a couple of bike shops and I finally learned how pedals work. Pretty neat how they do work. They are spring loaded so your cleats which are attached to your shoes lock in with a snap and then if you want to get out you just wiggle your heels to get out. Pretty neat if you think about it. I was impressed. At least I finally get how they work now.

We cannot wait to get down to Florida. Just cannot wait. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow so I can get my ride in. We'll see. Later

Thursday, April 22, 2004


I did another brick today. This time I simulated T1. I had my lovely wife Summer wait for me with the bike. It took 6:19 for the swim. Then it took me around two minutes for the transition. And I was off for the bike ride. I did around thirty four minutes. Around 8 miles. Tomorrow I will do a long ride maybe an hour and half. I wish I could get up to Columbia to test ride the Race for Sight course. Oh well.

Didn't do much work today just email and stuff. Not much to do except wait for people and banks to get back at us. So what are you gonna do? Tomorrow I also have to take Dad to the Doctor's office. So I plan to cruise by the bike shops in St. Louis.

I also have a take home test due in Russian tomorrow. I am starting to feel more confident about what is going on with Triathlon, Family Books At Home, and the Preforeclosures. More to come.
Wow I am signed up for gmail

Yeah that's pretty cool I am excited to try it out. You know I noticed that the Google Adsense ads for blog have morphed from Triathlon websites to McDonalds. Why did that happen? Do the computers know that I have a problem with Double Quarter Pounders? I smell a conspiracy here. But seriously folks...I did a good run/walk with Summer we went around the block and did 3.2 miles in 43 minutes. Its funny I sprinted the last 100 yds and I noticed that my heart rate stayed at 175 the whole time but my breathing went through the roof. Weird.

I missed class this morning I overslept. Oh well. Am I graduated yet? I got my De Soto short finally from UPS (they screwed up the address). So I tried them out on the run and they felt great. I feel like I am really starting to get my fitness back. My HR was pretty low for most of the run. Except for the hills when I pushed the stroller...Man those kids are a load! Sixty pounds worth.

I watched Timeline and Master and Commander today. Both pretty good movies. Timeline seemed kind of campy and farfetched but hey its a time machine movie. Russell Crowe was up to his old tricks in Master. Very good movie well done. Very deserving of all those Oscar Nominations.

Not much going on with the foreclosures, just waiting to here back from clients or lenders. I cannot wait for payday on Friday, even though I know that it won't be much. But hey anything is better then nothing. We have bills to pay. That's it really. Later.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Starting to Exercise again

Yeah I did a brick today. And boy it was hard when I started to run after the bike. I couldn't get my heart rate down. It was redlining, I had to walk to get it down. I did nine miles on the bike then I ran a 1.2 miles. In thirteen minutes and I walked a lot of the way. Not so bad really.

We got a couple of BPOs back today. Actually just one. The Barr property. It came back really high so we are just going to try and sell it. You know its crazy how so many things changed with that property. Just goes to show you not to get your hopes up about something until it is done. We'll see how things go.

The Family Learning aka Family Books At Home is doing great. Bill wants Summer to come and be in the booth at a huge Convention for Mothers of Pre-Schoolers. MOPS. So we are excited about that opportunity.

Summer paid her speeding ticket today. It took her like four hours to get it done so I had to miss class to watch the boys. So that sucked. But I was pleased with my performance in the brick today. Tomorrow I just have a run session. Probably do a long run. We'll see how the day shakes out. Have some phone calls to make and counties to do for Dohnnie in the morning. Other then that not much else going on. So later.

Monday, April 19, 2004


Yeah I love my new job. I was doing short sales and only short sales today. And boy I really liked it alot. I got a lot done too. I mean we could possibly get four deals submitted this week. We made an offer to one and to another so we'll see. I have to follow up with them tomorrow.

It was really nice to be home with the kiddies and be able not to clock in and stuff. I may never want to be anybody's employee again. Summer pitched a DK book to a mom at the playground and she totally went for it. Pretty cool. I am really excited.

I did my swim tonight. Only finished five minutes sooner then planned. It felt good to exercise. I did the whole one arm swim thing and that was really hard. But it was fun. I had to pee the whole time too and I couldn't pee because they had some scuba students in there that would see me pee in the pool. Gotta hate scuba students.

But anyway its feel good somewhat like we have turned over a new leaf. Glad we did it. Cannot wait to move. Later.
Okay this is not a its a diary

Yeah I know its a diary. But I feel so much more cool now that I can do my journal on the net so everyone can read it. Even though no one reads it. It has a slight private/anti-private feel to it. I was cruising through some of blogs on the host page and I came across , its a page about baseball and the economics of it. Pretty interesting if you think about. I have always loved baseball. I wish the Cardinals would spend some money and get some real pitching. But I guess there wasn't much out there unless you wanted an old overpriced Greg Maddux. Wondering if the Cubbies are feeling that deal yet. Anyway I digress.

Went to church today. We missed most of Sacrament but we helped out with the Combined Primary. Those kids can drive you nuts!!! Especially the little four year olds. Man what a deal. I was sweating the whole time.

I finally got the rough draft done for Religion and Witchcraft today. I wrote about six pages and I'll turn that in. It's not very polished at all but I really don't care at this point. I just want the grade and my diploma and I'll be on my way.

Tomorrow is the first day of full time working for Dohnnie. He sent three more deeds and I think I am going to be busy the whole day. Got lots of things on my to do list.

I planned my week for Triathlon training. It might be a little ambitious but I need to get some hours in so I can make some sort of fight at the Race for Sight which is two weeks from today.

Summy is complaining about the light so I'm outty.

Sunday, April 18, 2004


I must say I am feeling better. I don't want to jinx myself but I really do feel as if I am coming out of this flu funk that has plagued me for the last two weeks. Summer and I ran around the park today with our snazzy new double jogging stroller that we got for a steal on eBay. I couldn't keep my HR down under 160. A few weeks ago I couldn't get it up past 140 on that course unless I sprinted. So there you go. Two weeks and I will be running my butt off. And cycling and a little bit of swimming but just 300 yds.

We just kicked it today. We watched some TV, bought groceries, barbecued, played with the kids, and watched Band of Brothers. Man I love that show, its so cool. I can see why it won an Emmy. Right now I am watching the Lake Show through my mirror. I have become a closet Lakers fan since Karl Malone signed with them. I want him to win a championship. I have my doubts though, the Spurs look tough with their defense and of course Duncan.

Found out recently that I won't get my bonus check until May 1st. May freaking first. What a crock. I am beginning to see how much a waste of time Jackson Hewitt was. Stupido. All it was was an excuse to sit at Wal-Mart do nothing for 6.50 an hour and eat Reese's Bites and gain weight. Frick it.

I called Bill Wardell today with DK. Did I mention this in my last post? Anyway, he is cool with us moving to Orlando and doing the business. He is a really nice guy. So maybe with two income streams, Family Learning and Real Estate, we can make a nice little nest egg for ourselves. Man I hope so.

Dad and I were talking about what he would do if he won a million dollars. He said he would pay off the bill for Mom's funeral services. That surprised me a little bit. He never talks about it or her. But sometimes when you least expect it he mentions it. I get the feeling that there is so much about my father that I will never know about. Seems like he tells Summer more stuff then he tells me. I think he likes her a lot. Plus he has a crush on her sister Sarah which is nasty. But whatever.

I was surprised when Erin said she and Sasha wanted to be investors for Summer and I. I don't think she meant Dohnnie but I didn't push it. I have to write my rough draft for Religion and Witchcraft tomorrow. Nine pages or so. Should be fun. Should've done it today but I was stalling and procrastinating as usual. You know its funny, this time four years ago I was finishing up at UVSC and moving out of Dad's place into my little whole on the hill headed toward Orem in Utah. I was getting ready to move to South Dakota and play Quarterback for the Wolves of Northern University in Aberdeen. Never heard of them? Well that's because they are a small Division II school that doesn't play anybody. I made a mistake deciding to go sight unseen. Their head coach was a nut. Thought he was Bear Bryant or something. Long story short I came back to Provo and Summer. We were married three months later. Man things change so quick in life. April of that year I never thought I would be married in six months. Now I have two kids. NUTS. I am starting to ramble so I will cut this short.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Back in the Saddle Again

Been a couple of days since I posted last. I have busy getting Tax Season over with and getting a paper of mine done and turned in. One paper down, two to go. I have to do a rough draft of the Cotton Mather paper by Monday.

I worked out today. I got my Triathlon shoes for racing today. They are the last years Air Kukini and they rock. They are so light. Summer also got her stroller and it rocks. We went for a run. We pumped up the tires with the hand pump then with the car tire pump at Delano...well that was a big mistake. The innertube on the front tire exploded. We thought we were under attack or something it was so loud. I was pretty winded but it felt good to sweat and workout.

We didn't get a Bonus check at the party either which pissed me off. I think I will still get one but who knows when. I also filed for Unemployment too. Things are going to get tough here in the last few weeks before we move to Florida.

I am kind of starting to worry that Dohnnie will not be able to front this move of ours. And I am worrying that we are not going to have any money for the next few weeks not that Jackson Hewitt is gone. I dunno.

But tomorrow just school, short sales, and I have to call Bill Wardell. I keep forgetting. That might be a nice little income stream too. Later.

Monday, April 12, 2004


Broke down and bought Summer's stroller on line. So now one of the Credit Cards is mixed out. But she said she needed it. We'll see. Hope that the bonus with Jackson Hewitt is more then fifty bucks because we need it bad. Somehow I don't think it will be. I am starting to wonder if Dohnnie can get us in a place down there. He had to give three grand back to the title company from his last deal because they forgot a tax lien on the title of 6K. So that's gotta hurt.

One of the banks I am working with finally called me back and they want an offer submitted. So I got Dohnnie and Pat working on it. Hopefully I'll submit it tomorrow. Be nice if the Camacho, Barr and Kriston deals all closed before we left. That would help quite a bit. But hey who knows.

Met with Dr. Gragg and it was fine. He is such a cool guy he just gets a charge out of helping his students. He was very helpful with focusing my thesis and my outline. I have the rough draft of that paper due on Monday and I have a Poli Sci paper due on Thursday but its just five pages no biggie. Still didn't work out, I was coughing a lot today. I have lost so much fitness. Only nineteen days left until the race and I am so not ready to compete. I just hope I can get like a whole weeks worth of training in before I even run in the race because other wise I am sort of screwed. I don't even know if we can afford to go up there to race! Whatever. All I can say is are we moving yet? I found some apartments in Titusville that are pretty cheap considering. Only 700 for a 3 bed 2 bath. But hey why rent when you can sort of own. I made really good headway with the short sales today. A lot of progress indeed.

Sam puked all over me today. I came home from work and he wasn't feeling good. He lay on the couch with me and then all of sudden there is just puke everywhere. Grapes and French fries....Needless to say he is pretty sick. I have an appointment to take him to the Docs tomorrow morning. I have to work at Eleven so I am pretty much out of luck for short sales tomorrow. Hopefully Pat sends me that HUD Homecomings wanted for the Kriston deal so I can get it to them quick so we can get things moving. We need the money. Oh well.

Sunday, April 11, 2004


Well anyway, we went to Church this morning and everything went fine. We took Sacrament for once and actually had fun with the rugrats in Primary. its nice to have Summy with me so we can teach together. One thing we need to improve on is having more activities to keep them busy. They have the attention span of four year olds....Wait they are four year olds!!! I was dreading it but I think it will be fine. We only have around six weeks anyway until we move to Florida. I cannot wait.

Sue actually called me and gave me the schedule for the last week of the Tax Season at Jackson Hewitt. I actually have twenty hours so I need it. But it is going to cut into my time for Short Sales. I need to get better organized. Dohnnie has sent me some spreadsheets and how he does his work. I think I will copy most of it. When you have almost forty deals going at once, you have to keep track.

I am feeling better on the health tip but I still hack a lung every now and then. I ordered my shorts for the race and bought some Air Kukinis for the race also. Hope it doesn't rain like it did last year on them. I can feel myself getting fatter however. I am worried about starting to workout again because I don't want to wear down and get sicker. But I don't think I have a choice. If I don't get two weeks in of solid base work I won't be able to finish the race. Its a Sprint Distance Triathlon but hey lets face it, I am seventy pounds overweight and have very poor eating habits.

Summer got herself a double stroller on eBay tonight. She is very happy. We got it pretty cheap too. Only 82 bucks. Plus shipping of course but hey I thinks it a pretty good deal. Personally.

Tomorrow back to school. Just a month left. I have three papers to write and a two page Russian translation to turn in by then. I am kind of dreading my meeting with Dr. Gragg because I just slapped that outline together along with the thesis and emailed it to him. He will pick it apart especially since I missed our last meeting. Too late now. All I can say is am I graduated yet? Later.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Jackson Hewitt Sucks

Talked with Dad today about the move to Florida. We are going to have him stay with us and we are going to have him make our house payment whereever that is for a few months until we get on our feet. So that way things will be easy for all of us. He just wants his Directv in his room and not to be bothered so its all good.

After that went to Jackson Hewitt. I had to fix Joann's return that she did. She really screwed up a Schedule C. Those people are so incompetent. I mean I don't know it all but at least I know that I don't know you know? Tomorrow I have to work a nine to five shift. So frick I am thinking about calling in sick. Joann will be there so it won't be so bad. We need all the money we can get though. Ahhh crap frick it.

We are so excited to go to Florida. Anyway later.

Thursday, April 08, 2004


Summer and I have decided that we are going to go to Florida. At least until the Security clearance comes through. Then we decide whether we go to Russia or not. But hey if we are making a lot of money and things are going well then hey no reason to go to Russia. We can go there for a vacation.

I am really excited about it. I would take the East Side of Central Florida and Dohnnie would take the West Side. So that way we could maximize our efficiency.

I am feeling a lot better. I still cough up a lung every now and then but I feel lot better then yesterday. Payday tomorrow and I can't wait to get my hundred dollar check. Guess its better then nothing. Just enough to pay off Summer's speeding ticket she got when she was taking me to the Chiropractor.

Another great thing about the move to Florida would be all the triathlons down there. And the weather would be great. Anyway till tomorrow still a lot to do.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Yeah thats right still sick. I hate to keep harping on this but I am really tired of being sick. This is the second day of antibiotics and I dont feel better at all. Coughing up lungs at night. I overslept and missed class today. We went to Columbia to scout out the the Race for Sight course. And we ran into the Tryathletics store, and we looked at some triathlon gear including a Cervelo Dual that is a 58. I took it for a spin and it felt like a glove man Iwant that bike!!! Maybe if I save enough money. Summer and I went to the Mall there and she bought some clothes at Target that she really liked. I was glad she could get some clothes, she needed them.

Dohnnie had a closing today and got 19K. He even emailed a copy of the check. It was pretty cool. I lean more toward Florida every day. I really like the work. But we'll see. Later.

Yep, my head hurts when I cough and that is a lot. We all went to the doc today and we all have the flu. But Summer and I have it worse then the kids do thank goodness. But our symptoms are all different. I am on antibiotics now.

Still haven't worked out yet. Don't really feel up to it. Summy wants me to wrap up the blogger but I still need to finish, the computer light is keeping her up. We are going up to Columbia tomorrow afternoon to scout the race for sight course. It'll be good to see where I am going to destroy myself. As the days get closer I get more nervous. Especially cause I am gaining weight and cannot really exercise. Oh I just want to finish. We'll see.

Went to class tonight and it was bugging me how boring and useless it is. I got a 89 on my test and I didn't even study and have been going to class only every couple of weeks. I don't mean to brag but you know I can't wait to graduate.

When i went to the Docs I weighed in at 291 with my clothes on and two meals in me. Not so good. I am slowly gaining my weight back. Frustrating.

Work is going well. The short sales are coming along. I got two up and running today. So I am pleased about that. I just hope that a few of these deals actually go through and we get some cash from them.

I have an outline due for my Relgion and Witchcraft Paper on Cotton Mather due on Friday. And I have my Poi Sci paper due on next Thursday so I am going to be busy. Plus Iwill probably be working with Jackson Hewitt a lot over the last few days of the season so it could add up to a lot of busy days. Better get what I can get done done now before the rush. Maybe tomorrow I can get a lot of it done. Anyway I need some cough syrup and I am going to bed. Later.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Yeah we went to the Zoo today. Dad had a doc appointment. And since he can't drive with his one eye and all. He's just temporarily blind in that eye (at least we hope it's temporary) so we had to take him. I convinced Summer to ditch her last class and we made it a family event. We saw bears, penguins, giraffes, big cats, and guerrillas. Pretty cool. Sam sure liked it a lot. It was fun to see him get excited about it. He is saying all kinds of stuff. Even the bad stuff. On a show on TV tonight someone said "suck" and sure enough Sam is jumping on the bed repeating it about a hundred times in a row. Needless to say we changed the channel.

We actually got our IRS check today plus interest. Who would've thought that the Department of the Treasury under the auspices of the IRS would actually give you interest on something like that. But they did twenty five bucks worth as a matter of fact. And we got a check from Dad. So we are paying off the last CCA credit card and paying down the Capital Ones. Feels good to be able to do that...I can't wait to do that tomorrow.

I switched cell phone plans today. I was on a shared plan with Summer's phone but we went way over our minutes and it sucked. So we got 600 min for me and 250 for Summer. Plus Mobile to Mobile for both of us. So that should work pretty good. Hopefully. We'll only pay about ten dollars more a month IF we don't go over the minutes. Cell Phones what a racket huh?! Got buy some of that stock when we get some cash.

Speaking of which, my first short sale came back they are doing the BPO in few days which means that things are moving along smoothly. Which is nice.

My new lifestyle change is coming along nicely. I have only eaten 28 carbs today. I feel fine. Had eggs for breakfast, a double quarter pounder plain with just cheese no bun, a Country omelet with Hash Browns, and a salad for a snack. And lots of water and diet rite.

Didn't really exercise at all today because of the trip to Saint Louis and all. Tomorrow I plan to get back on track and lift and actually I need to run cause this is supposed to be my run build week. So three times so that means run tomorrow and bike twice, since tomorrow is Tuesday. We'll see if it gets done, I have so much to do for tomorrow's to do list. It's insane. Do Dohnnie's stuff, workout, take the kids to the docs along with myself. Deposit the cash and pay some more bills. And pick Sarah up to watch the kids.

I am worried that I have bronchitis again. I think I can feel the rattling in my chest so I don't know if running is good for me. I guess I'll just have to play it by ear. Till tomorrow.

Sunday, April 04, 2004


Here I am sitting at my desk and I cannot seem to kick this enduring sickness. I am so tired of being sick. I had a really bad fever this morning. My body ached and I felt absolutely miserable. Summer was not much better. We were in a bad way. By 12:30 or so after many meds and a nap my fever finally broke and I woke up in a pool of sweat. Now I feel a lot better. But I don't know if I feel good enough to train in the next few days. Just have to wait it out I guess.

Conference today was wonderful. The Prophet spoke at the end of the morning session. He is so clear and precise and obviously full of the spirit. It was neat too because Sam listened to most of the talk and it seemed like it was getting to him. Which I thought was so cute. When it was time to pray, he folded his arms and bowed his head. It just made me so pleased. Watching your kids do the right thing is really wonderful.

Hopefully tomorrow we will go to the doctor and get some better meds for this bug in our house. I gotta nip this in the bud quickly or I won't make it by race in May.

Thank goodness Jackson Hewitt is over in a week and a half. Hallejuah! You know I really like doing taxes, I just don't like doing them for Jackson Hewitt.

Maybe one of these days I will figure out what I want to do with my life. The real estate stuff is really looking promising to me. I think that it would be an interesting way to make some money and be self-employed with the freedom that that brings. I was reading something about SEP IRAs recently and it seemed really interesting too because you can put your money in those and not pay taxes on them. Which is nice especially if you are self-employed.

Tomorrow I kick off the reformed Atkins plan. Atkins all day except for an hour of a food free for all. That should be fun. We'll see if I can make it through. I don't seem to have the motivation for Atkins that I used to.

I woke late this morning so I didn't do my simulated race like I had planned. It would be too much for Summer and she and I both are feeling sick today. But I did do a simulation of the bike course 17.5 miles. And man am I paying for it not. I have had a headache ever since the ride was over and my whole body aches. I did well for the first half averaged 16 mph then on the second half averaged like 9 mph or something which left me with an avg of like 10.9. I can feel the cough in my chest which is not good, last year that happened and I ended up with Bronchitis. So Summer and I both are going to the doc on Monday.

I am taking Dad to his doc on Monday in St. Louis. He is going blind again in his left eye. The diabetes is really taking its toll and he won't take the steps to take care of himself. Almost like he is just waiting to die.

We listened to both sessions of General Conference today. First time I have ever done that. There were some really good talks given and it was fun to lay in bed and just listen and snuggle with the Summy Bunny and the kiddies.

Sam popped the air chamber in my running shoes a few weeks back so I have no support in my heel in my right foot. So now I have a really sore calf where it hits the back of the knee. Gotta get some new shoes. I have some New Balance but they feel like skis compared to the Nikes.

Paid a lot of bills today. Believe it or not we are actually current on all of our bills. All we have left is the last credit card payment from all the cards we had when we got married. That is so nice to say! And we have a stupid speeding ticket and big wireless bill for which plan I am going to switch immediately. I want to get GSM phones so we can have true Mobile to Mobile so it wont cost so much for Summer to have a cell phone. She needs one with the kiddies and all.

I got the real sincere impression that it doesn't matter where Summer and I go as long as we hold to the principles of the gospel and try to be righteous. So Florida or Russia or even Columbia its all good we just have to make a decision and make it work for us. That is kind of liberating to say the least.

I think I have decided to go on the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet. It is just like Atkins except you have an hour each day where you can go hog wild. That way I can still train without worrying about bonking because I will some carbs in me and I will lose the weight. Because lets face it, Atkins works. When I was on Atkins and working out I got down to 260. Now I am back up to like 285. And yes we had Pizza two days in a row now. I realize that. We have such bad habits. Its really hard when your spouse has the same food issues you do when you are trying to lose weight. Thank goodness I am exercising or I would be back up to like 330, like I was in Wal-Mart. Never going back to that again. Just wish I felt better. Hate being sick.

Sammy is talkin now he is a little parrot. He'll say whatever you tell him to and that can be a bad thing. Jacob has like four teeth and is cruising (furniture walking) getting ready to walk anytime now.

Think I am all blogged out now later till tomorrow.

Saturday, April 03, 2004


We got some money we got some money oh yeah baby!!! It feels good to be in the green even if it is only a measly thousand bucks. But hey I can't complain. We went to see the Rock in Walking Tall tonight. He is the king of action. He has some seriously cool action scenes in that flick. I'd give two and half stars out of four. It is slim on the writing but has a good premise and good action. Man I remember when I was as ripped as he is. A lot of women ahhhed in the theatre when he took his shirt off in the movie... damn him!!! Just kidding I really dont worry that much about... no really I dont.

Tomorrow I plan to do a test race. I am going to try and simulate the Race for Sight here in good old Rolla. Swim 300 yards, Ride 18 miles, and run 3.1 miles. We'll see how it goes. I want to try and do it all in 2:10. I dont think that is unreasonable. I didnt do anything today workout wise just thought about it a lot. I dont see why I am gaining weight. I am still working out hard I have already put in almost five hours. WHo knows my eating habit must just suck or I have the metabolism of a snail. Anyway enough I am going to bed to snuggle with the Summy Bunny its late.

Thursday, April 01, 2004


Thats right I went for a good ride today. It felt really good to get out and ride. I was really sore from the previous lifting session and the lactic acid made me pay for the first few minutes but after I while I felt great. Along the way I saw a cute little beaver waddling along the road trying to hide behind a fence.

Jackson Hewitt was suffienctly boring. People not doing their job and expecting me to take care of it. Well thats not happening. Just two more weeks from today and its the end of tax season. Still no tax check for us. I called the IRS and USPS and it was sent from Texas on Friday. Texas to Missouri should take like three business days. It has been almost a week. I think somebody keyed in a zip code wrong. Of course that is Murphy's law.

I lost a short sale today. At least Dohnnie says that it is lost. It's a VA loan and he never got any loan counseling so we might not do it. Too bad. Dohnnie is supposed to close on a house tomorrow and get twenty grand we'll see if that goes through or not. He has the problem of being eternally optimistic at times. I am more pragmatic, more realist. But hey thats just me. A deal is not a deal until I have the money.

I gave Dad a blessing today. I could really tell it came from the Spirit. He could too. Dad told me I must be living right. I am not so sure that he is right. Some things still linger on my conscious. I hope he feels better. He is going blind again in his left eye from the Diabetes. He needs Laser eye surgery again.

Tomorrow I plan to run and lift. Then on Saturday I plan a long bike ride maybe thirty miles. We'll see. I need some money.

Yes I am very tired. I just got done doing Dohnnie's counties for him. I didn't even finish them all. But the biggest ones with the biggest data are done which is good enough at least for tonight. The offer on the Barr deal that I was talking about last night didn't come through. The investors decided to do a BPO on it. I guess they were worried about us coming in so low. Doesn't matter we'll still get the cash. Just take a little longer. So the In-Laws' money was not needed. I have to say I feel a lot better about that. It eases my mind. Still no IRS check those bastards. They send a notice saying its coming but not for at least two weeks. Before I have gotten those stupid notices after I got the check! But not this time of course because we need it so bad. Dohnnie can't pay me until Friday so we are hurting again as usual. We have cell phone bills and other bills piling up quickly. Dohnnie is closing on Friday and he says he'll get twenty thousand but we'll see he has a bad habit of being dangerously optimistic about things.. always has been that way.

On the triathlon tip, I did a warm up today and did my second strength training routine. I did Power clean, deadlift, Incline, lunges and other auxs that really killed. I felt tired the rest of the day. I decided not to run and will do so tomorrow. So adios amigos.