Sunday, April 18, 2004


I must say I am feeling better. I don't want to jinx myself but I really do feel as if I am coming out of this flu funk that has plagued me for the last two weeks. Summer and I ran around the park today with our snazzy new double jogging stroller that we got for a steal on eBay. I couldn't keep my HR down under 160. A few weeks ago I couldn't get it up past 140 on that course unless I sprinted. So there you go. Two weeks and I will be running my butt off. And cycling and a little bit of swimming but just 300 yds.

We just kicked it today. We watched some TV, bought groceries, barbecued, played with the kids, and watched Band of Brothers. Man I love that show, its so cool. I can see why it won an Emmy. Right now I am watching the Lake Show through my mirror. I have become a closet Lakers fan since Karl Malone signed with them. I want him to win a championship. I have my doubts though, the Spurs look tough with their defense and of course Duncan.

Found out recently that I won't get my bonus check until May 1st. May freaking first. What a crock. I am beginning to see how much a waste of time Jackson Hewitt was. Stupido. All it was was an excuse to sit at Wal-Mart do nothing for 6.50 an hour and eat Reese's Bites and gain weight. Frick it.

I called Bill Wardell today with DK. Did I mention this in my last post? Anyway, he is cool with us moving to Orlando and doing the business. He is a really nice guy. So maybe with two income streams, Family Learning and Real Estate, we can make a nice little nest egg for ourselves. Man I hope so.

Dad and I were talking about what he would do if he won a million dollars. He said he would pay off the bill for Mom's funeral services. That surprised me a little bit. He never talks about it or her. But sometimes when you least expect it he mentions it. I get the feeling that there is so much about my father that I will never know about. Seems like he tells Summer more stuff then he tells me. I think he likes her a lot. Plus he has a crush on her sister Sarah which is nasty. But whatever.

I was surprised when Erin said she and Sasha wanted to be investors for Summer and I. I don't think she meant Dohnnie but I didn't push it. I have to write my rough draft for Religion and Witchcraft tomorrow. Nine pages or so. Should be fun. Should've done it today but I was stalling and procrastinating as usual. You know its funny, this time four years ago I was finishing up at UVSC and moving out of Dad's place into my little whole on the hill headed toward Orem in Utah. I was getting ready to move to South Dakota and play Quarterback for the Wolves of Northern University in Aberdeen. Never heard of them? Well that's because they are a small Division II school that doesn't play anybody. I made a mistake deciding to go sight unseen. Their head coach was a nut. Thought he was Bear Bryant or something. Long story short I came back to Provo and Summer. We were married three months later. Man things change so quick in life. April of that year I never thought I would be married in six months. Now I have two kids. NUTS. I am starting to ramble so I will cut this short.

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