Thursday, April 22, 2004


I did another brick today. This time I simulated T1. I had my lovely wife Summer wait for me with the bike. It took 6:19 for the swim. Then it took me around two minutes for the transition. And I was off for the bike ride. I did around thirty four minutes. Around 8 miles. Tomorrow I will do a long ride maybe an hour and half. I wish I could get up to Columbia to test ride the Race for Sight course. Oh well.

Didn't do much work today just email and stuff. Not much to do except wait for people and banks to get back at us. So what are you gonna do? Tomorrow I also have to take Dad to the Doctor's office. So I plan to cruise by the bike shops in St. Louis.

I also have a take home test due in Russian tomorrow. I am starting to feel more confident about what is going on with Triathlon, Family Books At Home, and the Preforeclosures. More to come.

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