Friday, April 16, 2004

Back in the Saddle Again

Been a couple of days since I posted last. I have busy getting Tax Season over with and getting a paper of mine done and turned in. One paper down, two to go. I have to do a rough draft of the Cotton Mather paper by Monday.

I worked out today. I got my Triathlon shoes for racing today. They are the last years Air Kukini and they rock. They are so light. Summer also got her stroller and it rocks. We went for a run. We pumped up the tires with the hand pump then with the car tire pump at Delano...well that was a big mistake. The innertube on the front tire exploded. We thought we were under attack or something it was so loud. I was pretty winded but it felt good to sweat and workout.

We didn't get a Bonus check at the party either which pissed me off. I think I will still get one but who knows when. I also filed for Unemployment too. Things are going to get tough here in the last few weeks before we move to Florida.

I am kind of starting to worry that Dohnnie will not be able to front this move of ours. And I am worrying that we are not going to have any money for the next few weeks not that Jackson Hewitt is gone. I dunno.

But tomorrow just school, short sales, and I have to call Bill Wardell. I keep forgetting. That might be a nice little income stream too. Later.

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