Thursday, April 22, 2004

Wow I am signed up for gmail

Yeah that's pretty cool I am excited to try it out. You know I noticed that the Google Adsense ads for blog have morphed from Triathlon websites to McDonalds. Why did that happen? Do the computers know that I have a problem with Double Quarter Pounders? I smell a conspiracy here. But seriously folks...I did a good run/walk with Summer we went around the block and did 3.2 miles in 43 minutes. Its funny I sprinted the last 100 yds and I noticed that my heart rate stayed at 175 the whole time but my breathing went through the roof. Weird.

I missed class this morning I overslept. Oh well. Am I graduated yet? I got my De Soto short finally from UPS (they screwed up the address). So I tried them out on the run and they felt great. I feel like I am really starting to get my fitness back. My HR was pretty low for most of the run. Except for the hills when I pushed the stroller...Man those kids are a load! Sixty pounds worth.

I watched Timeline and Master and Commander today. Both pretty good movies. Timeline seemed kind of campy and farfetched but hey its a time machine movie. Russell Crowe was up to his old tricks in Master. Very good movie well done. Very deserving of all those Oscar Nominations.

Not much going on with the foreclosures, just waiting to here back from clients or lenders. I cannot wait for payday on Friday, even though I know that it won't be much. But hey anything is better then nothing. We have bills to pay. That's it really. Later.

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