Thursday, April 01, 2004


Yes I am very tired. I just got done doing Dohnnie's counties for him. I didn't even finish them all. But the biggest ones with the biggest data are done which is good enough at least for tonight. The offer on the Barr deal that I was talking about last night didn't come through. The investors decided to do a BPO on it. I guess they were worried about us coming in so low. Doesn't matter we'll still get the cash. Just take a little longer. So the In-Laws' money was not needed. I have to say I feel a lot better about that. It eases my mind. Still no IRS check those bastards. They send a notice saying its coming but not for at least two weeks. Before I have gotten those stupid notices after I got the check! But not this time of course because we need it so bad. Dohnnie can't pay me until Friday so we are hurting again as usual. We have cell phone bills and other bills piling up quickly. Dohnnie is closing on Friday and he says he'll get twenty thousand but we'll see he has a bad habit of being dangerously optimistic about things.. always has been that way.

On the triathlon tip, I did a warm up today and did my second strength training routine. I did Power clean, deadlift, Incline, lunges and other auxs that really killed. I felt tired the rest of the day. I decided not to run and will do so tomorrow. So adios amigos.

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