Monday, April 12, 2004


Broke down and bought Summer's stroller on line. So now one of the Credit Cards is mixed out. But she said she needed it. We'll see. Hope that the bonus with Jackson Hewitt is more then fifty bucks because we need it bad. Somehow I don't think it will be. I am starting to wonder if Dohnnie can get us in a place down there. He had to give three grand back to the title company from his last deal because they forgot a tax lien on the title of 6K. So that's gotta hurt.

One of the banks I am working with finally called me back and they want an offer submitted. So I got Dohnnie and Pat working on it. Hopefully I'll submit it tomorrow. Be nice if the Camacho, Barr and Kriston deals all closed before we left. That would help quite a bit. But hey who knows.

Met with Dr. Gragg and it was fine. He is such a cool guy he just gets a charge out of helping his students. He was very helpful with focusing my thesis and my outline. I have the rough draft of that paper due on Monday and I have a Poli Sci paper due on Thursday but its just five pages no biggie. Still didn't work out, I was coughing a lot today. I have lost so much fitness. Only nineteen days left until the race and I am so not ready to compete. I just hope I can get like a whole weeks worth of training in before I even run in the race because other wise I am sort of screwed. I don't even know if we can afford to go up there to race! Whatever. All I can say is are we moving yet? I found some apartments in Titusville that are pretty cheap considering. Only 700 for a 3 bed 2 bath. But hey why rent when you can sort of own. I made really good headway with the short sales today. A lot of progress indeed.

Sam puked all over me today. I came home from work and he wasn't feeling good. He lay on the couch with me and then all of sudden there is just puke everywhere. Grapes and French fries....Needless to say he is pretty sick. I have an appointment to take him to the Docs tomorrow morning. I have to work at Eleven so I am pretty much out of luck for short sales tomorrow. Hopefully Pat sends me that HUD Homecomings wanted for the Kriston deal so I can get it to them quick so we can get things moving. We need the money. Oh well.

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