Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Yep, my head hurts when I cough and that is a lot. We all went to the doc today and we all have the flu. But Summer and I have it worse then the kids do thank goodness. But our symptoms are all different. I am on antibiotics now.

Still haven't worked out yet. Don't really feel up to it. Summy wants me to wrap up the blogger but I still need to finish, the computer light is keeping her up. We are going up to Columbia tomorrow afternoon to scout the race for sight course. It'll be good to see where I am going to destroy myself. As the days get closer I get more nervous. Especially cause I am gaining weight and cannot really exercise. Oh I just want to finish. We'll see.

Went to class tonight and it was bugging me how boring and useless it is. I got a 89 on my test and I didn't even study and have been going to class only every couple of weeks. I don't mean to brag but you know I can't wait to graduate.

When i went to the Docs I weighed in at 291 with my clothes on and two meals in me. Not so good. I am slowly gaining my weight back. Frustrating.

Work is going well. The short sales are coming along. I got two up and running today. So I am pleased about that. I just hope that a few of these deals actually go through and we get some cash from them.

I have an outline due for my Relgion and Witchcraft Paper on Cotton Mather due on Friday. And I have my Poi Sci paper due on next Thursday so I am going to be busy. Plus Iwill probably be working with Jackson Hewitt a lot over the last few days of the season so it could add up to a lot of busy days. Better get what I can get done done now before the rush. Maybe tomorrow I can get a lot of it done. Anyway I need some cough syrup and I am going to bed. Later.

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