Friday, April 23, 2004

Its Supposed to rain on race day!!!

Yeah I just checked the forecast and its supposed to rain tomorrow and rain on the Second which is my race day. I guess I understand why they canceled the bike portion of the race last year due to torrential rain. Man if I dont get to do my triathlon I will be pissed off. Whatever.

Well I got my mighty Jackson Hewitt bonus and it was 118 bucks. Yeah that's right 118 bucks. Whatever. I hate that place. What a joke. I am glad I am done with them. Man are we moving yet?

I took Dad to St. Louis for his doc appointment today. It went pretty well. I also went by a couple of bike shops and I finally learned how pedals work. Pretty neat how they do work. They are spring loaded so your cleats which are attached to your shoes lock in with a snap and then if you want to get out you just wiggle your heels to get out. Pretty neat if you think about it. I was impressed. At least I finally get how they work now.

We cannot wait to get down to Florida. Just cannot wait. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow so I can get my ride in. We'll see. Later

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