Tuesday, April 27, 2004

You know it just occurred to me that I am running a race in less then a week. Boy that is pretty exciting. I am still troubled over whether I should buy some speedplay pedals and shoes. I am really weak about buying stuff. Its a really bad habit of mine. I guess that comes from not having much as a kid. Who knows.

Today I actually worked for Dohnnie all afternoon except for the hour over at Dad's watching the Sopranos. Man that is a good show. We had another talk about what he is concerned about with moving. He said once that he even thought we were abandoning him. Unbelievable. We want him to live with us. Whatever.

We find out if we can move into that three bedroom two bath house in Melbourne tomorrow. Dohnnie has an appointment with the homeowners at 4:00 pm if he gets the deed then we will live in there till the house is sold. So that could all Summer.

Summer is packing like a crazy women. She is a whirlwind when she gets her mind on something. I still have to do the counties tonight. So I'll be up late. My kids are so cute. Sam is parroting everything we say. He is just learning and learning. I really hope we can make enough money to get him in Montessori down there in Florida. It would be so good for him.

Well I better stop procrastinating and get to work. Tomorrow I have my brief swim to prep for the race.

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