Monday, April 19, 2004

Okay this is not a its a diary

Yeah I know its a diary. But I feel so much more cool now that I can do my journal on the net so everyone can read it. Even though no one reads it. It has a slight private/anti-private feel to it. I was cruising through some of blogs on the host page and I came across , its a page about baseball and the economics of it. Pretty interesting if you think about. I have always loved baseball. I wish the Cardinals would spend some money and get some real pitching. But I guess there wasn't much out there unless you wanted an old overpriced Greg Maddux. Wondering if the Cubbies are feeling that deal yet. Anyway I digress.

Went to church today. We missed most of Sacrament but we helped out with the Combined Primary. Those kids can drive you nuts!!! Especially the little four year olds. Man what a deal. I was sweating the whole time.

I finally got the rough draft done for Religion and Witchcraft today. I wrote about six pages and I'll turn that in. It's not very polished at all but I really don't care at this point. I just want the grade and my diploma and I'll be on my way.

Tomorrow is the first day of full time working for Dohnnie. He sent three more deeds and I think I am going to be busy the whole day. Got lots of things on my to do list.

I planned my week for Triathlon training. It might be a little ambitious but I need to get some hours in so I can make some sort of fight at the Race for Sight which is two weeks from today.

Summy is complaining about the light so I'm outty.

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