Monday, April 19, 2004


Yeah I love my new job. I was doing short sales and only short sales today. And boy I really liked it alot. I got a lot done too. I mean we could possibly get four deals submitted this week. We made an offer to one and to another so we'll see. I have to follow up with them tomorrow.

It was really nice to be home with the kiddies and be able not to clock in and stuff. I may never want to be anybody's employee again. Summer pitched a DK book to a mom at the playground and she totally went for it. Pretty cool. I am really excited.

I did my swim tonight. Only finished five minutes sooner then planned. It felt good to exercise. I did the whole one arm swim thing and that was really hard. But it was fun. I had to pee the whole time too and I couldn't pee because they had some scuba students in there that would see me pee in the pool. Gotta hate scuba students.

But anyway its feel good somewhat like we have turned over a new leaf. Glad we did it. Cannot wait to move. Later.

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