Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Yeah thats right still sick. I hate to keep harping on this but I am really tired of being sick. This is the second day of antibiotics and I dont feel better at all. Coughing up lungs at night. I overslept and missed class today. We went to Columbia to scout out the the Race for Sight course. And we ran into the Tryathletics store, and we looked at some triathlon gear including a Cervelo Dual that is a 58. I took it for a spin and it felt like a glove man Iwant that bike!!! Maybe if I save enough money. Summer and I went to the Mall there and she bought some clothes at Target that she really liked. I was glad she could get some clothes, she needed them.

Dohnnie had a closing today and got 19K. He even emailed a copy of the check. It was pretty cool. I lean more toward Florida every day. I really like the work. But we'll see. Later.

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