Thursday, April 01, 2004


Thats right I went for a good ride today. It felt really good to get out and ride. I was really sore from the previous lifting session and the lactic acid made me pay for the first few minutes but after I while I felt great. Along the way I saw a cute little beaver waddling along the road trying to hide behind a fence.

Jackson Hewitt was suffienctly boring. People not doing their job and expecting me to take care of it. Well thats not happening. Just two more weeks from today and its the end of tax season. Still no tax check for us. I called the IRS and USPS and it was sent from Texas on Friday. Texas to Missouri should take like three business days. It has been almost a week. I think somebody keyed in a zip code wrong. Of course that is Murphy's law.

I lost a short sale today. At least Dohnnie says that it is lost. It's a VA loan and he never got any loan counseling so we might not do it. Too bad. Dohnnie is supposed to close on a house tomorrow and get twenty grand we'll see if that goes through or not. He has the problem of being eternally optimistic at times. I am more pragmatic, more realist. But hey thats just me. A deal is not a deal until I have the money.

I gave Dad a blessing today. I could really tell it came from the Spirit. He could too. Dad told me I must be living right. I am not so sure that he is right. Some things still linger on my conscious. I hope he feels better. He is going blind again in his left eye from the Diabetes. He needs Laser eye surgery again.

Tomorrow I plan to run and lift. Then on Saturday I plan a long bike ride maybe thirty miles. We'll see. I need some money.

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