Sunday, April 25, 2004


We talked with Dad today about the move to Florida. He is very skeptical. We don't for sure have a three bedroom two bath in Brevard county yet so he's concerned about where we are going to stay. Dad has to stay with us. He is just in too bad of shape. But he wants his privacy and doesn't want to live with us in the two bed two bath we have right now. So whatever. Dad basically is worried that the whole thing is a sham. He is scared about the change I think. Especially since he is going blind in one eye. It is supposedly getting better but he had to have surgery last time.

We went to Church today and had fun with the rugrat. Summer is so good. She kept feeding them crackers and oranges. Then they played with Play-doh (homemade kind) and colored a picture. They were very entertained. Plus I had the pleasure of taking three sunbeams to the bathroom at one time. Boy they can sure pee when they want to.

We are so excited about the move. I might even decide not to walk for graduation and get down to Florida right away. I have a lot to do tomorrow. I have to submit at least four deals. So I am going to be busy.

On the Triathlon tip, I ran 2.7 miles and walked 3.3 more with Summer. So six miles in one day isn't bad. Burned around 1000 cals. I am going back on Atkins tomorrow. I am going to do induction until Friday night then Carb load and eat normally on Saturday. Then Sunday is race day. I am worried that Dohnnie wont pay us before the race on Sunday. If I don't get paid then I don't think I can do the race. We'll have to scrounge for the opportunity to get up there. Plus I gotta get my bike fixed. All this could bode bad for the race.

Oh but I almost forgot. Turns out that the really nice house in Melbourne has a second mortgage so its a good prospect for reinstatement so that we could live in it. Its real close to a park and the Community College...And the BEACH!!! But Dohnnie does not have the deed yet so its still in play.

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