Sunday, April 04, 2004


I woke late this morning so I didn't do my simulated race like I had planned. It would be too much for Summer and she and I both are feeling sick today. But I did do a simulation of the bike course 17.5 miles. And man am I paying for it not. I have had a headache ever since the ride was over and my whole body aches. I did well for the first half averaged 16 mph then on the second half averaged like 9 mph or something which left me with an avg of like 10.9. I can feel the cough in my chest which is not good, last year that happened and I ended up with Bronchitis. So Summer and I both are going to the doc on Monday.

I am taking Dad to his doc on Monday in St. Louis. He is going blind again in his left eye. The diabetes is really taking its toll and he won't take the steps to take care of himself. Almost like he is just waiting to die.

We listened to both sessions of General Conference today. First time I have ever done that. There were some really good talks given and it was fun to lay in bed and just listen and snuggle with the Summy Bunny and the kiddies.

Sam popped the air chamber in my running shoes a few weeks back so I have no support in my heel in my right foot. So now I have a really sore calf where it hits the back of the knee. Gotta get some new shoes. I have some New Balance but they feel like skis compared to the Nikes.

Paid a lot of bills today. Believe it or not we are actually current on all of our bills. All we have left is the last credit card payment from all the cards we had when we got married. That is so nice to say! And we have a stupid speeding ticket and big wireless bill for which plan I am going to switch immediately. I want to get GSM phones so we can have true Mobile to Mobile so it wont cost so much for Summer to have a cell phone. She needs one with the kiddies and all.

I got the real sincere impression that it doesn't matter where Summer and I go as long as we hold to the principles of the gospel and try to be righteous. So Florida or Russia or even Columbia its all good we just have to make a decision and make it work for us. That is kind of liberating to say the least.

I think I have decided to go on the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet. It is just like Atkins except you have an hour each day where you can go hog wild. That way I can still train without worrying about bonking because I will some carbs in me and I will lose the weight. Because lets face it, Atkins works. When I was on Atkins and working out I got down to 260. Now I am back up to like 285. And yes we had Pizza two days in a row now. I realize that. We have such bad habits. Its really hard when your spouse has the same food issues you do when you are trying to lose weight. Thank goodness I am exercising or I would be back up to like 330, like I was in Wal-Mart. Never going back to that again. Just wish I felt better. Hate being sick.

Sammy is talkin now he is a little parrot. He'll say whatever you tell him to and that can be a bad thing. Jacob has like four teeth and is cruising (furniture walking) getting ready to walk anytime now.

Think I am all blogged out now later till tomorrow.

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