Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Starting to Exercise again

Yeah I did a brick today. And boy it was hard when I started to run after the bike. I couldn't get my heart rate down. It was redlining, I had to walk to get it down. I did nine miles on the bike then I ran a 1.2 miles. In thirteen minutes and I walked a lot of the way. Not so bad really.

We got a couple of BPOs back today. Actually just one. The Barr property. It came back really high so we are just going to try and sell it. You know its crazy how so many things changed with that property. Just goes to show you not to get your hopes up about something until it is done. We'll see how things go.

The Family Learning aka Family Books At Home is doing great. Bill wants Summer to come and be in the booth at a huge Convention for Mothers of Pre-Schoolers. MOPS. So we are excited about that opportunity.

Summer paid her speeding ticket today. It took her like four hours to get it done so I had to miss class to watch the boys. So that sucked. But I was pleased with my performance in the brick today. Tomorrow I just have a run session. Probably do a long run. We'll see how the day shakes out. Have some phone calls to make and counties to do for Dohnnie in the morning. Other then that not much else going on. So later.

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