Sunday, April 11, 2004


Well anyway, we went to Church this morning and everything went fine. We took Sacrament for once and actually had fun with the rugrats in Primary. its nice to have Summy with me so we can teach together. One thing we need to improve on is having more activities to keep them busy. They have the attention span of four year olds....Wait they are four year olds!!! I was dreading it but I think it will be fine. We only have around six weeks anyway until we move to Florida. I cannot wait.

Sue actually called me and gave me the schedule for the last week of the Tax Season at Jackson Hewitt. I actually have twenty hours so I need it. But it is going to cut into my time for Short Sales. I need to get better organized. Dohnnie has sent me some spreadsheets and how he does his work. I think I will copy most of it. When you have almost forty deals going at once, you have to keep track.

I am feeling better on the health tip but I still hack a lung every now and then. I ordered my shorts for the race and bought some Air Kukinis for the race also. Hope it doesn't rain like it did last year on them. I can feel myself getting fatter however. I am worried about starting to workout again because I don't want to wear down and get sicker. But I don't think I have a choice. If I don't get two weeks in of solid base work I won't be able to finish the race. Its a Sprint Distance Triathlon but hey lets face it, I am seventy pounds overweight and have very poor eating habits.

Summer got herself a double stroller on eBay tonight. She is very happy. We got it pretty cheap too. Only 82 bucks. Plus shipping of course but hey I thinks it a pretty good deal. Personally.

Tomorrow back to school. Just a month left. I have three papers to write and a two page Russian translation to turn in by then. I am kind of dreading my meeting with Dr. Gragg because I just slapped that outline together along with the thesis and emailed it to him. He will pick it apart especially since I missed our last meeting. Too late now. All I can say is am I graduated yet? Later.

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