Friday, April 09, 2004

Jackson Hewitt Sucks

Talked with Dad today about the move to Florida. We are going to have him stay with us and we are going to have him make our house payment whereever that is for a few months until we get on our feet. So that way things will be easy for all of us. He just wants his Directv in his room and not to be bothered so its all good.

After that went to Jackson Hewitt. I had to fix Joann's return that she did. She really screwed up a Schedule C. Those people are so incompetent. I mean I don't know it all but at least I know that I don't know you know? Tomorrow I have to work a nine to five shift. So frick I am thinking about calling in sick. Joann will be there so it won't be so bad. We need all the money we can get though. Ahhh crap frick it.

We are so excited to go to Florida. Anyway later.

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