Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Today has been an interesting day. I woke up and went on a bike ride. Did 45 minutes and 11 miles. It felt good. I seems that my lifting is already helping me with my climbing. It was a lot easier to climb the Oak Knoll loop today.

One of Dohnnies deals might come through tomorrow. The Investor came back and said he would do a deeper discount if we could pay in 48 hours. So Dohnnie and I thought about it for a while and we decided to give Suzanne and Dennis a shot, yes thats right my in-laws. And they believe it or not decided to go in. Then they called back and said they could go higher with Norman Summer's Uncle helping out with the slack. So if the Investor comes back with an acceptable number tomorrow then they will make at least five grand and so will Summer and I! Dohnnie has somebody ready to close in 21 days to buy the property so we are so excited. Hope the number comes back low. Of course there is the fear that things will fall through the floor and Dohnnie will owe my in-laws ten grand. On my word that the house will sell. Oh boy what have I gotten myself into? My stomach just kind of flipped. We'll see. I spose. I will keep you informed, I'll find out whats up tomorrow morning. And I have two more short sales to start. So I got that going for me which is nice. Later.

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