Sunday, March 21, 2004

Well this is my first time doing the whole blog thing. But I think it is neat, a cool way for people to see what other people think and feel and at the same time kill some time on the net. Nothing wrong with that right?

Triathlon is my new goal. I have been fascinated with Triathlon ever since I saw the Kona race on NBC years ago. But after getting married and having a couple of kiddies and seeing the end of my sports career in football and baseball. (Not to mention the ever expanding waistline) I have decided that I need a goal...something to pursue. Without a goal I don't do so well in life.

So I have signed up for the Race for Sight Triathlon in Columbia on May 4th 2004. It is a short sprint distance with a pool swim. I bought a bike last August and have been training ever since. I have seen steady progress. Triathlon at first seemed like a completely daunting task. I bought the Triathlete's Training Bible and read all in one night. I didnt get it at all. But after about a year of just trying to get in shape to train, I have found that I finishing well in my first triathlon is not that far off.

So this is my first blog entry I'll talk at ya later.

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