Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Thats what my wife says when I get ready to post, "Are you doing the blogger thing again?" Right now she is fighting off the infant and the toddler with all her might so I can have a few moments of peace to blog.

My back feels a lot better. The bonecrusher worked miracles and last night after I posted my back just felt better Weird how that happened but it did. It just has felt stiff at times today but I have totally gained my range of motion back. No longer walking like a crooked letter S.

I called in sick again today and worked for my brother, Dohn the real estate investor. He is doing wonderful down in Orlando buying foreclosures and selling them at wholesale prices. He wants me to come down and work with him in May after I graduate. I just might but we are committed to the job in Moscow first and he knows this. Honestly, though the deal in Orlando has no limit.

So now I have to decide when to get back in the saddle and train. Do I wait until my back is completely healed or go ahead and go full steam ahead while it is still a little stiff. I dont do anything training wise (Swim, Bike, Run) that could really put my back in jeopardy but who knows? I dont.

I have also been noticing that I have been gaining weight. In the past two years I have lost around 60 pounds after gaining 90 after I got married in 2000. So I still have that thirty pound deficit to get back to my marriage weight. But I just dont have time to workout three or four hours a day like I used to when I was playing college football. I lost about 20 pounds doing Atkins when my infant was in the ICU in St. Louis for a month after he was born. Slowly I have been gaining it back. It hasnt helped that I have been injured with my back and my toe. What a crazy story that toe thing was but thats for another blog.

Anyway I might swim tomorrow. I have always heard that swimming is good for your back but that might be advice from Kramer on Seinfeld when he swims in the East River. Till tomorrow dear friends.

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