Friday, March 26, 2004


I woke up exhausted in sort of a haze because I could not remember how many times I got up last night to take care of the kids. I didnt want to but I went to class and struggled half asleep through my translation of Turgenev's Asya. After that I went to find my Dad and see how he was doing. He wasn't home. Suddenly I was struck by paranoia and decided to search for him, worried that something happened. Two hours later after a hard target search, I called at home and he told me he went to Wal-Mart and got a haircut. Well that was just fricking great, I thought. So much for my paranoia.

I came home and did some work for my brother. I talked to an investor that has a Second on a house we are looking to flip. He said to make an offer so I am faxing the HUD-1 to him tomorrow morning. Pretty exciting we could get this thing sold in less then a month which would mean some cash soon. Which is nice.

I picked up my paycheck and discovered that I had to sign an agreement that if anyone got on the internet at Jackson Hewitt that they would forfeit their bonus. Well that was just fricking great, I thought. Someone figured the boss' password and was cruising the net and corrupting tax return files. The whole thing sounds fishy to me. I dont see how temporary internet files can corrupt a separate programs files without the act of a deliberate attempt of something or someone with bad intent. And if that logic follows it course then it does not matter where you go on the net because you have that DSL connection on all the time with no anti-virus software. But hey thats just me. I think that Jackson Hewitt's software sucks and it runs home to momma when the times get tough. Whatever.

After cashing my piddly two hundred bucks, I went to do my strenous three hour shift. The boss is there taking all the puters of the network to set them up as Stand alones so we'll have to shuttle diskettes with the returns on them back and forth with the other store. Thank goodness tax season is almost over. This whole thing has left me bitter.

Came home and did my research for Dohnnie. Went pretty quick. My back feels better but I am resisting the urge to workout tomorrow...gonna save that for Monday. Later now.

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