Monday, March 22, 2004

Well the best laid plans are sometime just plans. Today I started back on my training for my first triathlon experience. I wanted to get up early and lift and then get a good swim in. But waking several times in the night to help with our infant, Jacob prevented an early rising on my part. So I slept in till a whopping 7:30. Funny how when you have kids you never sleep in anymore.

On the bright side my interview with the State Department went very well. I am anticipating getting a yea or nay on the two year contract to Moscow in a couple of months. So ever since I have had a really good day. I let the Missionaries borrow my tennis stuff so they could go hit. Summer and I had a nice time going to the store together to shop. Another funny thing about marriage with kiddies. You savor every minute that you have with your significant other without the rugrats. It was nice. We were both in a good mood and talking about our future together.

Went to work and finished a few tax returns but no real work done. Things are slow this time of year. I almost fell asleep reading my sources for my History 340 paper. Pretty boring stuff. But I pressed on and read enough to get a good score on my interview with my Professor regarding my research paper. After work came home and ate some yummy Lasagna that Summer made (she is such a good cook!).

I went to the Centre and did my swim workout. I did 300 SW then 200 K, then 3 x 150, then 100k three times equaled 1500 yards. Did the whole thing in 42 minutes. Felt good in the pool got my groove in the pool even though there was some chick who was scorching me in the lane next to me.

After some work for my brother Dohn who is a real estate investor, I am where I am now about to retire for the night. Onward and upward.

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