Saturday, March 27, 2004


Yeah that's right I feel fat. I haven't worked out since Monday and I am sure that I am tipping the scales at over 290. With the back going out and not working out and eating more (for whatever reason) I sit here in front of the puter with a sick feeling in my stomach. I feel myself slipping just like I did when I was first married and gained ninety pounds. Now my wife wants to go and work with her Dad in St. Louis for a few days to make some extra money. Yeah we could use the cash, sure but I really wanted to use Spring Break for a reason to get back on track with my training and a chance to relax. Now I am going to be a Single Parent with a toddler and an infant for a few days with no time to workout. And there you have it. I have a triathlon in 42 days and I have gained twenty pounds in since Christmas. Unbelievable. I don't want her to go but she has her mind set. I guess she wants to buy a a mini DVD player with the kids. I wanted to spend time with Summer too. We have been snipping at each other and I thought it would be nice to be around with her more and just relax. If I had a guarantee that I could workout then I wouldn't mind I guess but I have to work with Jackson Hewitt unfortunately and it just sucks. I am going to miss the Sammy Bunny. Don't you just love the pet names spouses have for each other? I dunno my self esteem is pretty low right now I spose. Whatever. Maybe my ranting will help a little bit. On the flipside I signed up for the Degree Ironman. Hopefully I'll win and spend six months training for an Ironman wouldnt that be cool?! Anyway later we'll see how everything works out. I think I feel a little bit better.

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