Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Here I sit after midnight and my oldest son is still up. After many attempts he has overcome all obstacles, namely his parents, and is still awake. Unbelievable. Yeah. Well I almost forgot to blog tonight. But nevertheless I am here. Spring break is upon us and I am enjoying it immensely. Summer and I took the kiddies this morning and put them in stay and play and worked out. I started back on my strength program that I have dicussed in previous blogs. And I did a little Cardio warm up. Then after work and more work I swam 1050 with drills in 35 minutes. It felt good to be in the water. Swimming is a great recovery exercise. I feel positive now about my training. Race for sight is 34 days away. I am not going to worry about my weight it is what it is. But I am looking forward to my bike ride tomorrow. I'll probably do an hour ride. Or so. Maybe the Oak Knoll loop. Who knows where my 1000c will take me.

Still haven't got our tax return check yet. Those filthy IRS you-know-whats. Probably get it when I dont need it. Plus Dohnnie forgot to send his check today so I am waiting until Wednesday for that one too. Jackson Hewitt was so boring not a client all day except an old couple who didnt have their income info just a completed tax return done by hand. A lot of good that does me. Anyway I stalled for four hours by just reading USA Today and Post Dispatch. Amazing the time you can kill.

Not much else going on, I mailed my transcripts and proof of graduation to the State. We'll see if any job offers come my way.

Summer and I had a really bad argument today. We were arguing over whether a sigh I made was considered a scoff or not. I really feel stupid just writing it but boy were we pissed when it was going on. Doors were slammed and I destroyed our only baby gate. I felt really bad about it. Summer and I made up of course but in hindsight you always want to make the right decision first you know?

We went to Wal-Mart afterwards and got some munchies and rented some movies. We watched the Rundown with the Rock. I've already seen it once but it was good a second time. Sam is finally asleep in our bed now so I am going to ever so gently put him to bed in his own room. Later.

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