Sunday, March 28, 2004


Last night after I posted I started to feel a tingly thing in the back of my throat. By the time I went to bed I was officially sick. I have been sick probably three or four times this winter. And it's not even winter anymore! So after my back goes out, I get stuck with Strep or something. So I took like 7 Advil. I woke up feeling pretty bad. We went to church to shadow the teacher that we are replacing in the primary. I went to fill up Jacob's bottle in church and saw a very tired sick man in the mirror. I was really feeling bad. So I went home and had some potato soup which Summy made for me and took a nap. I feel better right now but I still have the weird cold sweat thing going on with my throat bothering me. I still plan on working out tomorrow. Summer's excursion to St. Louis has been put on hiatus because Dennis doesn't know if he can use her as an employee. So I am going to lift and do Cardio in the morning then swim at night. Looking forward to it. Really.

We went over the In-laws house for dinner and they made some really great pot roast. I went Atkins and only had the roast and some salad. Really quite good. I liked it a lot. I went over to Dad's to set the tape for the Sopranos and stopped by Country Mart to get the Chocolate cake Summy asked me to get. I bought a thing of creme horns and ate three of them. Kind of feel guilty about that but oh well. Still waiting for our money from the IRS but we know it is on the way. Later. Its Spring Break this week and I plan to enjoy. Hopefully Summy won't go to St. Louis.

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