Friday, March 26, 2004

I Forgot

I sit here wondering why I forgot to post yesterday. I cant really think of any reason why. My oldest, Sammy is sitting on my lap playing with fingernail clippers as I write his. I hope he doesnt stab me accidentally. Yesterday went by fine I spose. I went back to work and did a wonderful three hours of nothing. I have not decided to train yet because my back is still kind of twinging. When I bend a certain way or twist at all it gives me problems. So I think I am going to call it a week and start fresh Monday so I can give it time to rest. What I did do yesterday was get my strength program ready for the year. I have experimented with many different weight training options but I have decided to go back to the old standby. The only program where I have kept weight off while maintaining form and strength was this site which is a really good program for high school athletes. It is focused to get your workouts done in a 50 minute period. Which is perfect for me as a young full time student dad with two kids, a job, and an obsession in completeting a triathlon. So I got my first month of workouts planned ( I just have to figure out what my weights will be) and hopefully that will help me start to slim down. I still plan to train for the Triathlon as normal but with the strength training added in and maybe some cardio to burn some more fat.

On a different subject Summer and I have been sniping at each other lately and I dont know why. I dont like it. We have resolved each little epsiode quickly but I dont understand what is going with us to start doing that sort of stuff. I think we'll be okay. We learned how to talk to each other a couple of years ago.

I am sort of struggling to decide whether we should go to Russia or not. I really want to go to Russia but I am concerned it wont be the same with the kiddies. I guess that is selfish of me but I think of my experiences in Russia as my own. I also want to share them with Summer but I dont want to leave the kids out to with a nanny all day.

My brother Dohn, is doing so well in Orlando and I have witnessed his successes first hand because I am doing his processing with short sales on foreclosures. We could easily make just as much money doing that down there and not have to sacrifice the what we would lose in Russia. Of course we dont know for sure that we are even going to Russia yet so maybe we should put the decision off until then. I say we, I mean I. Summer already has said she wants to go to Russia. We'll see I guess but this is what I am struggling with.

My father is having problems with his health. He is diabetic and has mini-strokes which send to the ER often. He is going to need someone to take care of him very soon. And of course us going to Russia puts that situation in a potential bind. I checked on residential care places around Rolla and they charge around 1800-3000$ per month! SO EXPENSIVE. So that worries me.

So that catches me up Till tomorrow which is today.

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