Wednesday, July 07, 2004

You know I wonder whats going on with me sometimes. I have felt very angry and depressed today. Is that possible? Probably. I heard somewhere (on TV) that depression is just anger turned inside. Well thats me. I feel like my life right now is spinning out of control and I can't do a thing about it. Really that last statement is B.S. I am in complete control of my life and my actions but only those alone. So that means that I don't have an excuse right? You betcha.

I went on an 18 mile bike ride this morning. I rode to the Health Club and worked out then rode back. Yep pretty good. I felt wiped out all day. Took me a while to recover. I burned almost 1700 calories. Then I worked all day like from 10 till 8 tonight. Summy and I had an argument it sucked. You know we are both trying to start our businesses and we are both pretty stressed out and the kiddies are really having a hard time cuz they don't know whats going on and so on and so on. Its a vicious cycle really. So I have to bite my tongue and go apoligize and hope that she will apoligize too but there's not a darn thing I can do about it. Marriage can be the most wonderful and agonizing thing at the same time. Its all worth it of course its just these moments when you really want to just get a break. But thats for another discussion I spose.

Tomorrow is another day and I really can't wait to start over a whole new day to get this one over with.

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