Saturday, July 17, 2004

Ahhh, things are different now. This is the first post since the changes on the "dashboard". I suppose I'll see how it works now. So I don't know what to write. Summer is up in Jacksonville for her convention which might be a huge failure. She has sold exactly two books. Tomorrow is supposed to be a big day but I'm skeptical. You know starting your own business is such a tough task to handle. Especially with two little ones and a "darling" husband. So as you can probably expect the place is a mess right now...Cups everywhere, toys, pizza boxes, and all the like.
I lost a house today. Only one good property will be bought and sold from May. But that deal may be 40 large. So that is nice. Dohnnie said he'd give me a bonus if it went through.
I am thinking about starting to train again. I mean for real this time. I have gained so much weight from all the stress that I really believe I am a better person when I exercise 10 to 15 hours a week. But after that rationale I tend to wanna buy a really nice tri-bike on ebay and finance it!!! When that happpens I just think of Summer's voice and it all goes away.
Tomorrow I have a realtor walk-through for a house that I picked up a few weeks ago that was a mail away. These banks are getting greedy, they want money to bring the account current before they will allow you to try for a discount.  So whatever. Its fine if you have the cash. But some of us don't have that necessity.
Some more good news is that Summer's mother Suzanne is gonna take over the processing for me so I can just pursue houses, full time.
But thats enough for now laters.

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