Monday, July 19, 2004

You know its funny, I just read at about her new found obsession of Blow Out on Bravo. I have to admit that I too share the obsession. As Summer and I were packing the house up we found ourselves drawn to the marathon. Would Jonathan fail at his business? Even though he's driving a MERCEDES?!?! But you can't blame the beautiful people for being part of the drama of doing hair. One of the more stressful jobs in the world (wink, wink).
Anyways, we got everything packed for our relocation. We pick up the truck and move down the block on the morrow so we are excited. Tomorrow I am going to start back on my work out plan and quest for a better lifestyle. NOT a diet, just a life change. I have been chewing on it mentally for a few months now but I think it is time. So without much ado I bid you adieu. Laters.

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