Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I wish I had something cool to write. But I don't really. I had kind of a bad day today I guess. Dohnnie came over since he was taking Dad to the doc. He was all giddy and happy. He even gave me a hug. After that I really put myself in a bad mood. I went to work out with Summer and the kiddies later. The one thing I did do which was cool was I changed my own tire on my bike. No more charges at bike shops to change tubes when I can now do it myself. Amazing how simple it is but its a big step.

Sam won't go to bed. He is rebelling and is now taking his clothes off to get in his diaper only. He is taking the potty training thing at his own pace. Which is fine I spose cuz we are so busy with our businesses.

Today I felt like I really bad person cuz I don't spend more quality time with my kiddies and Summy. I just felt down today. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I have gained so much weight since I left Missouri it really is a shocker. I am back up around the weight I was when I working at Wal-Mart in Rolla right after we got married. Not a good time then. But we have committed to working out together and hopefully it all will come off by the fall. We shall see.

Anyway I'm tired so callin' it a night.

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