Sunday, June 05, 2005

You know this is two days now that I have written in my blog. Good thing Blogger doesn't make you keep logging in over a period of time like hotmail does or I would have lost this account. The internet really is amazing these days. So many people use these for ranting and raving. Also most use this for income amazingly enough. Just click on "next blog" to see the all the ads out there.

We went to Universal Orlando today. It was really fun. But of course I have to mention that we went during "Gay Days" in Orlando, which is a crazy get together for the "alternative lifestylers" out there. It was hilarious. They all wore red in the park so you could see all of them loud and clear. Pretty big statement. Thank goodness Sam and Jacob aren't old enough to figure out that two men holding hands is not "normal" whatever that is. Anyway, I digress....

We went on the "Hulk", Poseidon's Fury (dumb show), Dueling Dragons and Spiderman. Also Cat in the Hat for the kids. It rained a lot early on so we were drenched. But the rain ceased after awhile and all was well. The kids had fun...we got them "thing 1 and thing 2" shirts and hats which is so appropriate if you knew my two little boys.

Yesterday, I bench pressed 225 8 times. I haven't gotten that much weight up in 5 years!!! At my prime at Snow college I did 225 13 times. Not bad seeing I have only been lifting again since February. The Core Performance program is really helping, when you are stretched you just feel better.

I am going to start to learn Spanish soon. I sent away for a language course with Audio CDs. It would really help me with my business especially in Osceola county. Just in general in Florida, there are so many Spanish Speakers. Lotta of Puerto ricans.

I went on two crazy rollercoasters today and I am proud of myself. Usually I would talk myself out of it and regret it but I seized the moment and enjoyed myself. That really is a good thing.

Yesterday Erin asked me who I was. You know I didn't have an answer for her. In a previous conversation I couldn't come up with an answer either. I don't really know. I know what I do and I know what I like or dislike, but not who I am. Something to work on there. It's late I'm out.

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