Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So we're trying to get this deal done. The previous owner is in Puerto Rico. We are trying to work out a discount for her so we can get the house at a discount and then sell it wholesale and make a bunch. It has two mortgages, one for 205K and one for 45K. It is in Foreclosure. So we just about have the deal done. The first mortgage is ready to take 167K for the first. But the second is complaining because the first mortgage wants something in writing from the second that they will release the lien which means that the second will get nothing. Sound confusing? Well it is, that is my business. The funny thing is that I see this everyday. Plus they all want to talk to the previous owner who is in Puerto Rico in Goodness knows where. Hopefully tomorrow we'll know more. The sale date is the end of this month. So we have to move quickly.

Erin left today. We had a good visit. Summer finished her quilt in like TWO days a herculean effort to say the least.

I am trying to learn a onehanded backhand in tennis finally. Dohnnie is helping me with it. I have been hitting with him a lot lately. It's funny he hasn't seen our house yet. We've been over to his house a number of times and he hasn't been to ours yet. Whatever.

I am playing a tournament in the middle of this month in Orlando so that should be exciting.

So anyways I heard on XM Radio today that there are over 10 million blogs on the internet. That is a wild number. That is like the number of people in Moscow, Russia for goodness' sake.

I'm outtie.

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