Thursday, June 09, 2005

Tropical Storm Arlene

So there is another storm headed in our general way. Dohnnie is down at Sanibel right now with his ex-wife and kiddies. It's gonna pass our way this weekend but should only be some wind and rain not Hurricane force weather.

So here we go again. Last year we ran for the hills once and then we stayed put for the rest. No real damage but it was pretty stressful.

Summer found a bunch of pictures that were taken right after we were married. It was hilarious to see how skinny we were! There was even a quite provacative pic that I took of Summer. I am suprised the photo center even developed the picture. It was neat though. Gives me some motivation to continue to lose weight.

I might have a deal tonight. I talked with the couple tonight and will know by Saturday. So we'll see.

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